One end of a garage w/ a toucan near Bloor & Dufferin abuts a kid’s park.

Toucan #1

Because of Street Art, in his post Casablanca. Artistic soul – Maciek makes a dedication to me.

Toucan #2

Now, I properly thank Maciek of Nareszcie urlop & dedicate this post to him!

Toucan #3

Pics taken by Resa, December 5, 2015

Toronto, Canada

Maciek, Thank you for thinking of me!

Toucan #4

 See you all on NEW YEAR’S EVE!

16 thoughts on “Toucan

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I find these murals because Toronto embraces Street Art. Also, wonderful WP pals submit Street Art or Graffiti for me to post. The world is rich. 🙂

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