Pink Diamond Birdo

Did you know that pink Diamonds are one of the rarest gemstones on earth?

Artist: Birdo

Well, I don’t own one, but Birdo painted one.

Artist: Birdo

This Birdo looks a lot like a baby Blue Jay, but feel free to correct me, as I’m a bit off when it comes to nature studies.

Artist: Birdo

However, Inese, at Inese Photography is not challenged. Her nature posts are true gems.

Artist: Birdo

This post is to thank Inese for her Puffin Post contribution to Kids’ Month.

Pics taken by Resa –  February 19, 2017

Toronto, Canada

Photo © Inese Photography

⭐ THANK YOU, INESE! ⭐ Pic of Puffin  taken by Inese. if you want to glory in Puffins and other nature and historical pics just click on the Puffin and go to her blog!

♡ OH! Inese found a graffiti mural by Birdo in Ireland! ♡

Check out BirdO on Instagram!

Artist: Birdo

❤ I believe this is my last Kids’ Month Thank you post! ❤

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Read, Watch & Travel

Reading is wonderful!

Watching TV, whether series, movies, music videos, virals or documentaries is entertaining and relaxing. Networked, streamed or on DVD is fab.

Toronto’s Red Rocket (public transportation) won’t take you across the ocean, but it symbolizes traveling from here to there.

Blow me up!

  Ste J Reviews covers all.

Blow me up!

Pics taken by Resa – May 14, 2017

Toronto, Canada

⭐ Thank you ⭐ Ste J for the 2 book reviews you contributed to “Kids’ Month”! Book To The Future, Ste J’s blog, is a great place to spend time with a nice hot cup of tea or coffee. He’s a wonderful writer who can relay his thoughts cleanly.Curl up on Ste J’s blog with a book, TV/movie or travel review!

Artist: Unknown at this time

BTW, you can blow below pic up, too!

Moss Park Market

It’s a wonderful place to buy fresh veggies and fruits, in a shipping container.

The container was donated. The donors fixed up the inside to be a fresh produce market.

The donors also installed electricity, heat and AC, so that it could be opened year round.

Located in an inner city part of Toronto, this endeavor is bringing healthy food to very low income people and families who would normally not afford it.

As there are no operating costs, the food is priced well below market.

Read the CBC article about Moss Park Market

The moment I laid eyes on the colorful renditions of the fruits, veggies and flowers decorating it, I knew I had found my Thank You post for Benji and Ms. Zulu.

You might remember that Benji and Ms. Zulu hosted a Vegetable Garden post for Kids” Month.

Every city should have projects like this to help out.

Pics taken by Resa – March 19, 2017

Toronto, Canada


Benji and Ms. Zulu were the best helpers I ever had. They know a lot about planting, watering and why we should not use pesticides. You can visit them by clicking on their names or on their pic.

They want to remind everyone to visit “Vegetables & Fruits Dogs Can & Can’t Eat”

Also, you can visit their mom’s blog by clicking on the picture of the flower. It is a very pretty blog & is called by their mom’s name, Anarette! ⭐ Thank you, Anarette! ⭐

Urban Hummingbird

This fabulous hummingbird is part of a massive mural in Toronto’s east end Chinatown.

How perfect to thank Cindy Knoke for her contributions to Kids’ Month.

After all, Cindy is the winner of the best and most hummingbird posts, ever!

This shot blows up beautifully!

Of Course the mural is not all about the hummingbird.

There are more aspects to this beautiful work.

Such as this flower at the opposite end, or are they leaves that look like a flower?

Mountain peaks and

… and mountain  terraces to a shrine.

It was very difficult to shoot this with my IPhone.

The pic above is cropped. I had to stand quite far away to capture it in 1 piece.

Well, maybe it is all about the hummingbird, and its flower!

Pics taken by Resa – May 14, 2017

Toronto, Canada

0acd8acf1e33598ca9971304aaca47e4A big “thank you” to Cindy Knoke, a fave blogger of mine. She takes fabulous photographs, and shares them with us. Her blog is visually gorgeous and educational. Click on her pic, or name to visit her blog.

The Artists: It’s in the writing on the wall (which I can’t read)



Redemption Wall Fairy

It wasn’t always this glamorous out here in the alley.

“Destination Mammal Cabana” was a quirky mural. I adored it & walked by it almost every day. Click on the pic to visit the post I did 4 years ago. It’s now in RIP

Artists: Birdo, Spudbomb and SKE 1

Then, recently one morning, I walked through the alley and saw:

It was hideous.

Graffiti Art had been obliterated by graffiti throw-ups and tags.

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Using Fairy Power, I got word of the devastation out to the street artists.

Soon after, on Easter Morning, I saw this:

It was like a dream come true!

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So, I  put on a clear plastic garment bag and a gorgeous 10 year old Vera Wang wedding gown. I hightailed it back down to the alley,

… whereupon Tensoe painted me,

… while I took in all the new art.

It had been decided by the artists that they would do predominately Graf Writing, as a means to keep the destroyers away.

Blow me up!

⭐ Sherrie, there’s a rat in this slideshow for you! At least I think it’s a rat. Lol, last rat turned out to be a squirrel.

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After I was finished, I was named Tenesa, and had my picture taken with all the Graf Writing and pieces.

♫ ♫ I feel pretty, oh so pretty ♫ ♫

Best time I’ve had since New Years!

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Not sure how this happened? There was only 1 pic like this.

Oh no, it’s time to go! Sniff!

Pics Taken by Resa, November, 2012 & April, 2017

Toronto, Canada

I would like to take a ⭐ fairy moment ⭐ here to thank Brenda Davis Harsham. Her blog,  Friendly Fairytales  is absolutely wonderful. It’s as though Brenda got lost in the woods, as a child, then was found and raised by fairies.

Brenda was one of the first two who said they would contribute to Kids’ Month. She wrote 3 poems. Thank you, Brenda! 

I’d like to add that Brenda’s fairy knowledge of all lands magic gave me the idea for the title, and a centered concept for this post. In my heart I feel she is the “Redemption Wall Fairy”.

The Gown Artist:

Thank you, Tensoe! You are forever etched into my heart!

Jackson Beardy

Jackson Beardy – July 24, 1944 – December 8, 1984

Jackson Beardy (rendered posthumously by Jerry Johnson’s Graphics Art Class at R.B. Russell)

Raised early on by his Ojibway grandparents, Jackson was removed from his home as a child and placed in the government’s controversial “Residential Schools” program.

Jackson Beardy (rendered posthumously by Jerry Johnson’s Graphics Art Class at R.B. Russell)

In 1970, Jackson and his family were forbidden entrance to the National Arts Centre gala in Ottawa. The show, commemorating Manitoba’s centennial, featured Jackson’s work.

Jackson Beardy (rendered posthumously by Jerry Johnson’s Graphics Art Class at R.B. Russell)

In 1972 Jackson and six more native artists formed the “Professional Native Artist Association”. This has come to be known as “The Indian Group Of Seven”.

Jackson Beardy (rendered posthumously by Jerry Johnson’s Graphics Art Class at R.B. Russell)

In 1985, the year after his death, 2 murals were painted in his honor. Based on prints of Jackson’s, they have since been restored and repainted. Read all about the Jackson Beardy Mural

Jackson Beardy (rendered posthumously by Jerry Johnson’s Graphics Art Class at R.B. Russell)

You can read about Jackson’s life on the “Native Art in Canada” website.

Jackson Beardy (rendered posthumously by Jerry Johnson’s Graphics Art Class at R.B. Russell)

Pics taken by Resa, November 28, 2014

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I would like to take an appropriate moment to thank J. Walters for the posts of hers I used for Kids’ Month. Her blog Canadian Art Junkie not only features Canadian artists, but is running a special this year featuring 150 Canadian Artists to help celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

J Walters also features world wide art on her blog Global Art Junkie and if you like photography, check out The Photo Junkie

Jackson Beardy (rendered posthumously by Jerry Johnson’s Graphics Art Class at R.B. Russell)