Read, Watch & Travel

Reading is wonderful!

Watching TV, whether series, movies, music videos, virals or documentaries is entertaining and relaxing. Networked, streamed or on DVD is fab.

Toronto’s Red Rocket (public transportation) won’t take you across the ocean, but it symbolizes traveling from here to there.

Blow me up!

  Ste J Reviews covers all.

Blow me up!

Pics taken by Resa – May 14, 2017

Toronto, Canada

⭐ Thank you ⭐ Ste J for the 2 book reviews you contributed to “Kids’ Month”! Book To The Future, Ste J’s blog, is a great place to spend time with a nice hot cup of tea or coffee. He’s a wonderful writer who can relay his thoughts cleanly.Curl up on Ste J’s blog with a book, TV/movie or travel review!

Artist: Unknown at this time

BTW, you can blow below pic up, too!

30 thoughts on “Read, Watch & Travel

    1. Yes, you’ve gone mad. KIDDING! It is a whole new take, and less expensive than redecorating the home. I’m liking it, so far. It’s a good theme for pics. The name is Lovecraft, and I love that!

    1. The TV guide is on the wall! I’m up to my ears with DVD’s though, as it is EMMY season, and I am a voting member. So much to watch before it’s time to nominate in June! Much love & many hugs! xoxo ❤

  1. Thank you my friend, it was great to take part, sadly other things got in the way of me contributing more but there will be other times and that makes me happy. Stay awesome my friend.

    1. You stay awesome, too! I’m very, very happy with how kids month came out.
      Your Kids’ Book Reviews were perfect!
      Hey, don’t be too, shocked, but I’m reading a book, and it’s amazing. I have joined the Toronto Public Library, apparently one of the most used libraries in the world. 😀

    1. Yeah, Ste J is a wonderful reviewer, and this reading of books thing is great! 😀 I’ve read so many scripts over the years, I don’t feel like reading a book on my down time.
      Seems I’ve got a new perspective, having joined the library! 😀

    1. Your welcome, and it is a curious work! I always take pics, even when I don’t think I’ll ever post them.
      Many times, when I get home and review them, I change my mind!

  2. This is an amazing mural, Resa 😀 So cool!… It probably reflects a critic on society and Media, given their isolating effects at times. The artist probably didn´t include cellphones because the approach seems to be quite retro or vintage, I am guessing (the image on one of the screens might point out in that direction 😉 )… have a beautiful week… Love 😀

    1. It’s definitely a critique on society. 😀 😀
      I agree with all you say. Also, I think the retro elements lull us into a false sense of comfort. It seems like there’s just enough yesterday, and just enough today.
      Big hugs for the rest of the week! X ⭐

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