Moss Park Market

It’s a wonderful place to buy fresh veggies and fruits, in a shipping container.

The container was donated. The donors fixed up the inside to be a fresh produce market.

The donors also installed electricity, heat and AC, so that it could be opened year round.

Located in an inner city part of Toronto, this endeavor is bringing healthy food to very low income people and families who would normally not afford it.

As there are no operating costs, the food is priced well below market.

Read the CBC article about Moss Park Market

The moment I laid eyes on the colorful renditions of the fruits, veggies and flowers decorating it, I knew I had found my Thank You post for Benji and Ms. Zulu.

You might remember that Benji and Ms. Zulu hosted a Vegetable Garden post for Kids” Month.

Every city should have projects like this to help out.

Pics taken by Resa – March 19, 2017

Toronto, Canada


Benji and Ms. Zulu were the best helpers I ever had. They know a lot about planting, watering and why we should not use pesticides. You can visit them by clicking on their names or on their pic.

They want to remind everyone to visit “Vegetables & Fruits Dogs Can & Can’t Eat”

Also, you can visit their mom’s blog by clicking on the picture of the flower. It is a very pretty blog & is called by their mom’s name, Anarette! ⭐ Thank you, Anarette! ⭐

34 thoughts on “Moss Park Market

  1. Wow, what a magnificent project! Re-purposing the shipping container for the market is eco-friendly and the bonus is that people get their fresh foods at lower prices too! Win win 🙂 LIKE

    1. I agree, Christy! It is win, win & it displays a noble heart of society. I did not fully appreciate what I was taking pics of when I took them. 😀 LIKE

      1. I knew it ! Is all my fault ! I am on this planet adding to this overcrowding ! I think I will go off to a galaxy far far away. Bye dear Resa. Beam me up Scotty ! lol
        Love you. Ralph xoxoxo ❤ #<

    1. I loved you two helping out as well. I couldn’t have done it without you. I guess you’ll be doing lots of digging and gardening this summer. Have the best time! Drake & Sol say Quack to you!!!

    1. You’re welcome! It is a pretty decent city, in some ways. I think the worst thing happening here is the same as everywhere. The rich get richer, and the middle class disappears, leaving more people on the disadvantaged side of life.

    1. I guess there is nothing like this in LA?
      Well, I’m glad to see this initiative, here in Toronto. I’m also thrilled that we have universal health care. 😀 😀

  2. Well this is a very cool idea Resa and the murals symbolize good health and special findings within the contents of the container. Great use ~ so many benefit from this.

  3. Your blog has a new look, I feel so out of touch. Great to see so many vibrant photos and contributors here though. It’s great to see such a project going on as well, the world needs more of this type of thing.

    1. Yeah, my theme had been retired. I figured I might as well just change it, as retired themes aren’t supported. So, I picked one that is photo friendly. I loved my old one, but always wished the pics were a bit bigger. Besides, the new one is called Lovecraft!
      I know there are a build up of shipping containers on the planet, and this is a perfect use!
      I have a TY post for you, that I will publish later today. Right now, I have to run off and research some fabrics.
      Last thing, I feel so badly about the Manchester terror attack. Best to all over in the UK, especially Manchester!

      1. thank you my friend, Manchester was one of those surprises but sadly not shocks, that seem to come about so often these days. The sense of community up there is impressive, as an island that has been conquered by and repelled enemies so many times, we are a tough bunch to break.

  4. What a special post, Resa. I’ve been hearing about lots of such projects around Australia, too. There are a few ‘Markets’ opening which have their produce donated by the larger supermarkets and green markets; produce that would normally end up in landfill. One project asks for a donation to fill a basket (a very large basket) whilst others deliver produce to those in need. It certainly warms the heart to see these philanthropic ventures into society ~ particularly by the larger conglomerates whose principles, to date, have mainly centred upon ‘profit’…
    Love the container idea; and the images are so sweet… 🙂

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