Urban Hummingbird

This fabulous hummingbird is part of a massive mural in Toronto’s east end Chinatown.

How perfect to thank Cindy Knoke for her contributions to Kids’ Month.

After all, Cindy is the winner of the best and most hummingbird posts, ever!

This shot blows up beautifully!

Of Course the mural is not all about the hummingbird.

There are more aspects to this beautiful work.

Such as this flower at the opposite end, or are they leaves that look like a flower?

Mountain peaks and

… and mountain  terraces to a shrine.

It was very difficult to shoot this with my IPhone.

The pic above is cropped. I had to stand quite far away to capture it in 1 piece.

Well, maybe it is all about the hummingbird, and its flower!

Pics taken by Resa – May 14, 2017

Toronto, Canada

0acd8acf1e33598ca9971304aaca47e4A big “thank you” to Cindy Knoke, a fave blogger of mine. She takes fabulous photographs, and shares them with us. Her blog is visually gorgeous and educational. Click on her pic, or name to visit her blog.

The Artists: It’s in the writing on the wall (which I can’t read)



34 thoughts on “Urban Hummingbird

  1. An amazing mountain landscape with colourful flowers to somehow soften the harsh mountains. I would like to go there for a walk, Resa ❤
    Or event better because it is an outstanding fantasy universe I would love to fly next to the hummingbird and find new flowers, rivers and mountain peaks 🙂

    1. Wow, it sounds wonderful, Hanna! To fly to a fantasy universe and find new flowers and different nature. 😀
      Of course, walking in the mountains is a bit rugged for me,but the valley would be nice! ❤

  2. What a gorgeous mural, Resa, and a beautiful sweep of scenery. Sometimes urbanites don’t have a chance to see the wilderness, so it is murals like these that educate and inspire.

    1. It really is a fantastic mural! You’re right about not seeing a lot of wilderness when you love the city the way I do. I did venture a lot into the mountains when I lived in B.C. and I spent a year in the Andes when I was young and crazy. Safe to say my mountaineering days are behind me. Ah…. but I have a city full of art to explore! 😀

    1. I adore this Graffiti Mural because it combines Graf Writing, which has been around since the 1970’s and a more classic art. The two worlds are meeting! 😀 xoxo
      And, yes, Cindy does capture the world for us, beautifully. 😀

  3. Oh my gosh! Somehow this didn’t show up in my reader. I saw it in Vequinox. I was just marveling at your Vera Wang gown post which I found through Hit and Run. You are the most awesome soul Resa. You will be happy to know I am back at The Holler and I bet you guessed it, photographing hummers for the last three days. It takes a while to get the mojo back and I don’t have it yet! Laughing. I am wining and dining you when I go to Toronto, sister. You add light to so many of our lives. Hugs & love to you~

    1. Yes, my goal is that I shine so much light, that you will need sunglasses to visit me! 😉 😀 lol
      Hmm, photographing hummingbirds for 3 days. That means you began on the day that I found this mural. Serendipity!
      I took one look at the hummingbird and you raced into my mind.
      Wine & dine, you’re on! I don’t eat much, but I can sure drink wine. 😀
      Hugs and love back at you!

    1. Well, Sidran, in a way you are correct in thinking urban chaos.
      It is Graffiti Writing. It is the artists’ names written in a style of graffiti that has been around in inner cities and their alleys, tenement halls and subway walls since the 1970’s.
      As I have gotten to know some artists and their work, I have come to know some of their “signatures” and can read them.
      Although I have seen this writing around, I can’t read it.
      The fascinating thing about this piece is that it is a Graffiti Mural. It is combining a traditional graffiti style with a more classic art form! It is wonderful.
      Hope all is well for you! xx

  4. Resa these picture are beautiful.

    And can I be honest with you.

    When I saw the hummingbird. I thought of myself as the hummingbird flying around the flower and the flower being you as the most beautiful flower in the world. 🙂 That’s how I feel about. 🙂 Hope this makes you smile throughout the day. 🙂

    1. You can always be honest with me, Charlie! 😀

      You make me wonder…. what does a flower feel/sense? What does a hummingbird taste/feel sense? ♡♡

      I think it is a beautiful thing, and yes, I have been smiling all day, since I read this earlier.
      Let me complete the “tic tac toe” of love puzzle for you.

      ⭐ ❤ ⭐
      ❤ ⭐ ❤
      ⭐ ❤ ⭐

      1. To answer your question:

        what does a flower feel/sense? What does a hummingbird taste/feel sense? ♡♡

        I believe the flower feels love
        and senses the energy. While the hummingbird taste and feels the love of what it senses.

        You are magnificent Resa, Truly you are.

        1. Charlie, darling!
          I’ve just read your most recent poem.
          It is quite great. I may have to finish cooking dinner before my answer is formed, but answer, I will. ❤

    1. Ah, my dear Ralph, you are a hummingbirddinger as well! ❤
      I adore you, and … well you will see when your Art Gown is finished. xoxoxo ❤

      1. Awww ! You are so sweet ! What a lovely reply ! I just can’t wait to see the Art Gown and I am sure to have fun with my response post. Can’t wait !
        Adore you too.
        Have a lovely weekend dear Resa. Hugs. Ralph xoxoxox ❤

    1. Thank you, Rebecca! You are also remarkable!
      Seems there is hummingbird and flower power love all around us.
      Now, for that power to reach the entire world! Peace!
      I think there should be a peace emoticon!!!!

  5. nannus

    The mountain motive is Machu Picchu. The left plant might be a tobacco plant, but I might be wrong about that. Beautiful.

    1. Brilliant! It is Machu Picchu. How could I miss that. I was even there once & climbed down onto it from the mountains above after a 5 day travail through the ruins.
      Of course I’ve seen rats and squirrels, but I still thought a squirrel was a rat.
      I was unaware of tobacco growing around Cuzco, up in the altiplano when I was there. There for sure was lots of cocaine plants!

      1. nannus

        Maybe because you have been there, you know it from many different angles, maybe that is why you did not recognize it. Somebody like me who has never been there only knows the Standard view that is also seen here.

        1. That could be. It was amazing. We followed the ancient Inca trail & slept in different ruins every night for 5 nights, then descended upon Machu Picchu. I liked the ruins that were the aqueducts that carried water down to the agricultural terraces. The top of the aqueducts were private bathing areas. They still worked, and we had a bath!

  6. Resa, this is the perfect mural to honour Cindy! Hummingbird beauty ♥ It’s so nice you’re giving tributes to all who contributed in the month for kids. I like the new blog design too. I know you were having to redo it after your old theme was retired and I think your new choice looks great 🙂

    1. Agree! Cindy is amazing!
      Christy, I am so humbled by the responses I got when I asked for contributions. What a joy Kids’ Month was for me. It seemed a fun challenge to find the right piece of street art for each person. I love saying “thank you” and I adore street art! 😀

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