Redemption Wall Fairy

It wasn’t always this glamorous out here in the alley.

“Destination Mammal Cabana” was a quirky mural. I adored it & walked by it almost every day. Click on the pic to visit the post I did 4 years ago. It’s now in RIP

Artists: Birdo, Spudbomb and SKE 1

Then, recently one morning, I walked through the alley and saw:

It was hideous.

Graffiti Art had been obliterated by graffiti throw-ups and tags.

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Using Fairy Power, I got word of the devastation out to the street artists.

Soon after, on Easter Morning, I saw this:

It was like a dream come true!

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So, I  put on a clear plastic garment bag and a gorgeous 10 year old Vera Wang wedding gown. I hightailed it back down to the alley,

… whereupon Tensoe painted me,

… while I took in all the new art.

It had been decided by the artists that they would do predominately Graf Writing, as a means to keep the destroyers away.

Blow me up!

⭐ Sherrie, there’s a rat in this slideshow for you! At least I think it’s a rat. Lol, last rat turned out to be a squirrel.

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After I was finished, I was named Tenesa, and had my picture taken with all the Graf Writing and pieces.

♫ ♫ I feel pretty, oh so pretty ♫ ♫

Best time I’ve had since New Years!

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Not sure how this happened? There was only 1 pic like this.

Oh no, it’s time to go! Sniff!

Pics Taken by Resa, November, 2012 & April, 2017

Toronto, Canada

I would like to take a ⭐ fairy moment ⭐ here to thank Brenda Davis Harsham. Her blog,  Friendly Fairytales  is absolutely wonderful. It’s as though Brenda got lost in the woods, as a child, then was found and raised by fairies.

Brenda was one of the first two who said they would contribute to Kids’ Month. She wrote 3 poems. Thank you, Brenda! 

I’d like to add that Brenda’s fairy knowledge of all lands magic gave me the idea for the title, and a centered concept for this post. In my heart I feel she is the “Redemption Wall Fairy”.

The Gown Artist:

Thank you, Tensoe! You are forever etched into my heart!

38 thoughts on “Redemption Wall Fairy

  1. Oh, Resa, this is the best post ever…the dress is amazing and Ms. Wang herself would love it. It’s just outstanding, as is the art. Absolutely wonderful! I love this one.

    1. Thanks! It was such an exciting 4 days!
      It was a true “happening”.
      I’m considering doing a series of Art Gowns all in white, off white and the palest pastels.
      Then I could have an event … an art event where street artists each paint a gown.
      I threw it by them. They all wanted to Graf a Gown!

      1. Your idea is about as good as it gets Resa! I love the idea and it has some legs to it also for going well beyond this – could be a pilot for a TV Reality show. These artists are as talented as it gets – 1) dedication beyond belief in how they went about restoring the mural – hats off to them all; 2) for the amazingly creative eye brush of Tensoe gorgeous creation on the spot!; 3) for you, always and forever moving artistry to the front and quietly (screaming) for the artists to be heard.

        One of your best posts and I loved every minute of it. Would it be possible for you to put your gown blog link up in this blog header – when I miss your posts I am forever trying to hunt it down to see what you’ve been up too. You are the best Resa!

        1. Hi Mary!
          What a wonderful comment.
          Yes, I guess I am quietly screaming…Look at this, now look at this, don’t forget to look over there!
          I had 4 fabulous days hanging out in the alley with the artists.
          Even though I am older than most of them, they made me feel like part of the pack.
          I will definitely put a link on m sidebar, now that I have a Graf Gown!
          Cheers to you, Mary! xo

  2. I love it! The dress, the fairy powers, the whimsy and fun! 🙂 I loved being part of your kids month. You’re doing great work bringing attention to modern, awesome art. Thanks for all you do to make art accessible for the many, rather than throwing your effort toward the few. XOXOX

    1. I’m very happy you like this post!!!!! 😀 😀
      It is a lot of whimsy and fun, and it is all brought out to life because people are creative & share their creativity.
      One poet inspired me to make a Poetry Shirt for my Art Gowns blog.
      I can see one of yours, on a gently colored shirt, as though the entire shirt was just the head of 1 flower. The words of the poem drift through the petals.
      Anyway, just letting my imagination wander.
      Thank you for your kind words about making the art accessible. It was a very good Kids’ Month!

      1. I know kids poets who wear poet shirts when they go to conferences or schools. I was thinking of making poem paintings. I’ve been reading a lot about van Gogh and getting reinvigorated about painting in color. I’m exploring acrylics thanks to Inese Poga’s posts. 🙂 I appreciate that you took the time and trouble to dedicate a post to me. You make my world a brighter and more open-hearted place. XOXO

        1. Aww, Brenda, I’m very heartened to know that I have brightened your life, even just a bit. 😀
          Poem paintings sound like a great idea. When you say reinvigorated, that must mean you used to paint? Or, at least wanted to.
          It’s hard to hold creative souls down, and you dear Brenda are one(disguised as a fairy)
          Okay, I get to do some painting now. LOL, I looked everywhere for some wedding bells for Drake and Sol’s wedding. All I could find were the paper honeycomb type in white, so I got some gold acrylic paint. XOXO

          1. I used to paint. I had a show, but I didn’t like selling my paintings. I miss some of them with an ache. Weird, but there it is. So I turned to writing instead. The urge to paint is returning, all these years later. I found myself just sniffing the oils. LOL

  3. It’s amazing how everyone came to refresh the alley walls. And what a great idea to let them paint your gown dear Resa. Hope you didn’t get sprayed too much ! 😉 Luv & Ugs. Ralph ❤ xoxox

    1. It is amazing how the artists came to paint, dear Ralph! 😀
      The gown is stunning, and I will do a filler post on Art Gowns with it.
      She will become an honorary Art Gown.
      My ideas for your Art Gown keep evolving, but I think I’m really onto something, now….I think.
      One day I was trying to locate a wheel of rope for it. I think I’m off that idea now, but if I find a wheel of white rope, by chance in the next week, the idea could be reborn.
      xoxoxo ❤

    1. Yay!!! ❤
      Ah…. so the rat's not a rat? I was sure there must be some species of snub nosed rats?
      Yeah…. it is hideous, and really well done by Wales! (adorable…. both the borat and Wales!)

    1. Thank you, Sidran! I just love the artists! The gown is now indoors with me. I’ll be doing a “making of post” on my Art Gowns blog. Tenesa will become an honorary Art Gown.

  4. Ohhhh !!! This is awesome, a great post …. I’m still shocked, congratulations dear Resa for this wonderful work.
    Besides a beautiful artwork, is a unique experience of collaboration between artists.
    I do not know what to say, it’s really a unique piece …

    1. Thank you, Belén! It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I just love the gown! You did a nice collaboration, as well, with the Japanese restaurant in Vigo! Wonderful! Kisses and hugs!

    1. CINDY!!! I love your comment! It’s so stupid that I missed it. My apologies,and let me add, how in he** do you manage your blog when you get hundreds of comments. Mind boggling. LOL or should I say Mind Blogging! hahaha Oh I think I’m so funny

    1. Thanks, Daniel! Sorry I missed this comment.
      It really was a fab four days. These artists don’t seem to care what one looks like or how old or anything.
      They are excited by the love of the art, and that I love it.

    1. I’m so happy I’m checking my comments.I can’t believe how many I missed on this post.
      The gown is so gorgeous! I’m trying to find someone to take pics of me in it. 😀

    1. It was an amazing 4 days with the artists! The destroyed space is beautiful again, and I own an awesome gown!
      I’ve got more yet, unseen pics that I’ll post on my Art Gowns blog….. soonish.

  5. I was really amazed by your ideas I find the imagination of humans was just so breathtaking and stunning. I loved it and I will take my time to indulge in your writing as well as your writing. Through this I am learning as well as appreciating the culture of different individuals and I’m thankful. Xoxo

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