Beauty in Blue

I quite like this blue face. 

I found it in a laneway that had been converted into a restaurant’s patio.

Pics taken by Resa – September 14, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The artist: One of those names below. It is from a long wall, and many artists painted on it.

Apologies for certain ill alignments. This art was small and right off the sidewalk.

90 thoughts on “Beauty in Blue

  1. What I enjoy most about your photos, Resa, is that you capture the murals from different angles which prompts me to look deeper into the mythology and messages that are intertwined. One eye sees outward while the other looks inward. Brilliant concept. Then there is the third eye, the space of higher consciousness and enlightenment. A wonderful way to begin my Friday!! Hugs and more hugs!

    1. Ah, Rebecca!
      I’m glad I was part of a good start to your day.
      I agree about your thoughts on this piece. There is a lot of art in this laneway, but this, the smallest of all; struck me the most.
      This whole lockdown thing this year has curtailed the artists, and prevented me from leaving my hood to search for more art.
      Nonetheless, I found art!!!!
      I’ve got enough to get through to the spring, and have high hopes for a brilliant flourish over the summer.

    1. I love walking and finding art. It’s like urban hunting…. or something.
      I’m calling the pandemic…the poundemic.
      I’m not getting to go all over the city hunting for art; such great exercise. I’m sitting and drawing and sewing.
      I’ve lost my girlish figure.

        1. You made me think of a short book… a novelette maybe.”The Poundemic”.
          No, I will not be using before and after pics of me.
          Although, I could use before pics…and drawings for after.
          I’ve written 2 books, that very few have read.
          Why not another?

          1. Love it. Now you’re talking.

            Hmmmm. You seem to have placed a U in there, Resa. 😉

            Come on now. Weight comes and goes for all of us. Beauty and talent, they have staying power.

    1. I feel very lucky that Toronto is street art mad. Covid has put a damper on the paintings, but I’m hoping for a burst of glory this spring and summer.
      There’s a lot I know about that I haven’t captured, yet. However, we are in lockdown, and I can’t leave my hood/walking area.
      Fortunately, I have enough to get through to the spring. xxoo

    1. Yes, she is exotic! I fell in love. She is around the corner from the BIG mural I found that made me think of you, half and half with the red and blonde hair.
      So, the new Art Gown is made from a decorative jacquard cushion cover from the 70’s, leftover lace scraps from a wedding gown, scraps of old colourful lining and a giant piece of fabric from the early 80’s that is like a rubber sponge in drape, almost impossible to get the needle through but shines like a gown should.
      About 75% done! xoxoxo

    1. I do like this piece! 🙂
      Thank goodness there’s no snakes! Whew!
      I suppose I could like a snake… I do from afar. They eat mice, don’t they?
      Your shots I saw on Frank’s post are gorgeous.
      I’ve said it before, you have a great eye!

    1. Yes, I think a muse. Whatever, she did call out to me. It’s the best piece on the wall.
      One of the guys drew a warthog, there are swirls, faces, ot designs and more on this large long wall. Still, this muse stood out to me, calling.

  2. This is so beautiful, Resa and somehow those purple / magenta waves above her work wonderfully to the composition! Great find!
    Speaking of waves…. waves of love are sailing your way!

    1. Egads, I get so behind with blogging. Of course the new Art Gown is about 75% done. So I am very excited, and spent at least 4 hours today sewing it. That occupies my hands and mind.
      I wish I could sew faster, draw faster and read faster.
      Also, I’m a bit dizzy floating over all of these waves! Still, I love it!
      I love you!

      1. 75% sounds great!
        You should keep the pace that is natural to you and no other. Rushing does not serve anyone or anything (even if we sometimes think otherwise), so take YOUR time! 😘
        On those waves, I hope the renewed waves don’t get you seasick! 😉

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