Korea Mural

This cultural Korean mural is found in Koreatown, Toronto.

It is a very long mural, and very high up.

Also the wall becomes stucco, at some point, so these are not the best pics I ever took.

Showing it from left to right, in sections and close-ups.

Pics taken by Resa – October 8, 2020

Toronto, Canada

A Toronto Company did this mural. They have not given any credit to artists.

91 thoughts on “Korea Mural

    1. Yes, yes…. a fine spot… yes
      But what is this TOFOFK?
      I mean it has a good phonetic ring if I read it correctly.
      Toff – Off – kay
      The Old Fool Of Fuckay? No, no it’s got to be 2 words at the end.
      Let’s see!
      The Old Fool Of Floundering Kippers?
      Let me know if I got it!!!!

              1. Timothy Price

                We, the family, did karate, we got to the belt before Brown, and kick boxing. I loved kick boxing. In those days I was really fit and could spar with the pros in 5 minute rounds and basically get the crap kicked out of me, but I was one of the few fit enough do 5 minute rounds, so I was great practice for the pros. Then they got the idea I should fight in a tournament. In karate you fight against people in your belt level. I learned that in kick boxing it’s the luck of the draw, so I would most likely end up in the ring or cage with one of the pros. I said no thanks to that. I would spar, but I knew from bike racing that competition is a whole other level.

                1. Cool!
                  I worked with Billy Blanks, twice. He played a kick boxer in one of the movies. He played a kicking & boxing street fighter in the other. He teamed up with a fighting cop played by Rowdy Roddy Piper. I made a special bracelet out of latigo leather to hold Roddy’s broken wrist together. In the kick boxing movie I had to seriously tape Billy’s ankle and arch so when he landed from a jump, his bones wouldn’t shatter…… again.

                    1. Not for those guys! They had a stunt co-ordinator for the fights in the Billy/Roddy movie (“Back In Action”). The other movie (“Balance of Power”) was about a Kick Boxing championship. They brought famous martial artists in from all over the world. Billy and the fighters designed their own fights.
                      I did the costumes.
                      They were both very early design projects for me.

                2. Oh hell Naw!! All four of us did karate and one got to green – because brown meant a written exam and he said no way (before brown in Kyokushin) while the three of us made it to brown. Pretty cool.

        1. Boy, I sure have a knack for missing the obvious! LOL! I was thinking something about paint breaking bricks. You know, like some cool hip street artist talk, like when they compliment each other on paintings they say “Man you really killed that wall”.

    1. I was holding on to this mural. I’m holding on to more art. I’ll post them slowly over the next 2 months. Then, I hope I’ll be able to get around more, as there will be no lockdown.
      I’m aching to take transit to a different part of the city. As it now, I’m not allowed.
      Happy you like his, dear Holly!! xoxoxo

  1. Hi Resa, it’s a shame the artist’s name wasn’t credited, this mural is amazing. I saw the thumbnails for your post in the WP Reader and I thought they were regular real life photos not mural pictures you had taken. I like the way the artist brought the Lotte Hotel Tower and the iconic CN Towers together reinforcing the links between the two countries. Great pics as always.

    1. Hey Tyeth,

      Excellent spotting the Lotte Hotel Tower and the iconic CN Towers. Lol! In my mind, I thought – Hey, they have a CN Tower, too!
      IF I ever went to Seoul, I’d want to stay at the Lotte Hotel Tower .
      I just checked it out & it’s fabulous!
      Thank you for your lovely comment on my photos!

    1. I quite like the mural, but I have no desire to travel to Asia. It’s too far away. However, you are a lot closer.
      Well, no travelling anywhere for the time being! You stay safe too, dear Martha!

  2. Such a shame they don’t credit the artist. Beautiful work… and I can imagine how hard it must have been to photograph it, but you’ve done a great job [of course!] ! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Beautiful murals. Thank you for sharing, Resa! I found this article about it: https://globalkorean.ca/news/3987/

    I was thinking about you today because I heard a story on the radio that Mural Arts Philadelphia is painting a mural on the wall in City Hall where couples stop to take selfies after they get married. They expect to have it finished by Valentine’s Day.

    1. Thanks Merril!
      I checked out the article. Very cool!
      Philadelphia has a LOT of murals. It would be worth a trip there just to see and document them.
      This couples after they get married selfies mural sounds neat. Of course I’m thinking why not couples who have been married a long time? It could be like… renewing vows!

        1. Ah, City Hall would make sense. That way, if you really wanted the selfie, you’d have to get married. 😉
          It’s a wonderful thing that Philadelphia is mural rich!

    1. Hi JT!
      This mural is less than a year old, so those must be the colours they picked.
      OR maybe the type of wall it was painted on sucked up a lot of pigment. That could be, as it’s a stucco wall, very toothy, and chalky.

    1. Cool!
      There’s a lot of art I didn’t get to shoot this year due to the idiot who came to visit us all.
      I’m happy I got this one. Hubs drove me to a spot in the city and dropped me off. It was 3.5 hours walking to get home. I found this on the way.
      I can hardly wait for spring, to get out for LONG walks.
      I think my legs have begun to atrophy.

    1. I think it took months to paint this neat mural.
      Interesting about “ethnic towns” within a city. Yes, we have 2 Chinatowns, 1 Koreatown, a Little Italy, a Little Portugal, a Little India, Greektown, Little Poland and Little Malta.
      It’s cool because one gets a real flavour when they go to each area. Yet, it seems divided, somehow.

    1. Hmm… maybe you saw an Asian PBN once, and it stayed with you? OR, perhaps the subtle rough texture and edges produced by painting on stucco makes it look like a PBN?

    1. It is unusual for Toronto. We have a share of murals here, but way more general street art, garage doors, small walls etc.
      I love wall art, and I am thrilled that there are blog pals that enjoy it, too! So, I share.
      Stay well!

  4. This is a brilliant mural, Resa. And you captured it brilliantly. I had to find out more about this because I didn’t know that Toronto was the key landing point for immigration from Korea. What a great history. When I did a Google search for this mural, “Graffiti Lux Art & More came up even before the news of the unveiling on August 31, 2019. I thought that there would be a mention about the artist, but alas, nothing was mentioned in the press release. Kudos to you, Resa, for featuring this amazing mural.

      1. I LOVE your blog!!!! Do you have photos of the Nellie McClung mural? That would be amazing to see. Whenever I face any challenge, I repeat Nellie’s mantra: “Never complain, never explain, get the thing done and let them howl!” I feel energized every time a say those words out loud!!!

  5. Great mural. There is something very romantic about the east- probably because it is historically and culturally so far removed from the modern western society we live in. Funny, science fiction is all about encountering alien races- there are hundreds of alien races on this planet Many of them belong to the same species. (there are also lots of intelligent races of different species too- and we are exterminating many of them but that is a different story). Perhaps we should not be so keen to look to the stars and simply appreciate what we already have before its gone.

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