King Reign – RIP

I found this tribute, by Elicser, in Graffiti Alley, Toronto.

Artist: Elicser
Artist: Elicser

You can read about him & listen to his raps on the King Reign Website

Artist: Elicser
Artist: Elicser

He was  a Toronto Gem. Young to die, & honestly, I don’t know everything. However, this is a beautiful work of art.

Artist: Elicser
Artist: Elicser

Pics taken by Resa –

Toronto, Canada



20 thoughts on “King Reign – RIP

    1. I can understand why you would say that, Ste J. Toronto is a great city. It is modern, convenient, friendly and culturally expanding.
      Through all of the Street Art I have posted here, you are seeing a part of my city’s soul. I’m so happy to have you as a pal.

      1. I like that phrase, seeing the city’s soul. I really enjoyed the music too, I had heard one of the tracks before but didn’t know the artist, now I am a fan. The feeling of having me as a pal is reciprocated my friend, it’s always great to keep up with you.

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