Frida Kahlo Mash Up?

I became very confused when I found this illustration of Frida Kahlo in the street.

You see, she’s wearing a daft punk t-shirt, and has tattoos. Did she have tattoos? I don’t think so!

What’s a daft punk? There was no shop or restaurant nearby, that was named daft punk. Good thing, because how dare they use her image to promote themselves!

Turns out daft punk is a band. Also, turns out that the piece is by an artist named Fabian Ciraolo. He does illustrations that mash up old and new pop culture. I’m not sure what I think, but I am provoked.

Pics taken by Resa – February 3, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artist; Fabian Ciraolo

House of Heart has a really lovely post up right now. If you like Frida, check it out!! Frida Kahlo and Nicholas Muray

Also, you will find at the end of a most informative post, a stunning poem by; Holly Rene Hunter.

58 thoughts on “Frida Kahlo Mash Up?

  1. Definitely interesting…..but I don’t think it would have worked if Frida was wearing one of Daft Punk’s famous robot helmets! You sounded surprised by who Daft Punk were, yes they are quite famous electronica musicians. Way back in 2017 I even designed a pair of sabers in their honour. If you’d like to check them out here is a link to the three posts I made.

    Hope you are well and stay Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger! <One of their best known hits.

    1. I had no idea who Daft Punk is. Electronica is not a fave of mine, however I do have a few pet loves in the genre.
      I will certainly check out the sabers!
      You are so right! Frida in a helmet? Not! Nor a Devo flower pot hat…. not!

  2. Within the top three of great women throughout history. I love the gal that is/was Frida Kahlo, not just for her art but for her uncompromising political view whether it be justice for all or the cause of the female sex, she is/was ‘the’ top dollar/class act. Splendid stuff, young Resa. Regards, TOF.
    PS – I wrote a skit about her once.

    1. Yeah, Frida is so very interesting, and her legend & legacy grow daily.
      I’m very smitten with her.
      So, TOF, you wrote a skit about her? What happened to it?

      1. Oh dear, I fear for my sanity, and my very being. Fourth day of giving up fags and an insanity like know other rules my life…I found myself county ants in the near garden for over an hour earlier! I don’t know today from yesterday or even if tomorrow exists. At this juncture were I had the choice of the young Bardot for a night of lust or an inoffensive cigarette I would take the latter. I’m only doing this to appease dear Shirl. Regardless, herewith ‘FREDA KAHLO’S CORRODED PIPES’ from my satirical tales from a couple of previous books themed around the plumber superb, namely, JONNY CATAPAULT – THE PLUMBER THE ARTISTS ALL TRUST. Jonny is/was a lovely chap who adored art in all its multi-faceted glory.
        I shall reply on other comments after a long, tablets galore, sleep that might take my mind off nicotine. Regards, TOF

  3. Wonderful photo of this rather contemporary style street art. The artist did a Good job with Frida’s likeness don’t you think? I don’t know why the Daft Punk Shirt. Anyway thanks for linking my post on Kahlo. Good job as always
    xoxoxo xxoxoxo

    1. Thanks Holly! I do try and take worthy pics of the art.
      Yes I agree, the artist captured her likeness, quite well.
      daft punk…. I had no idea they are a band. Call me a square! NO! let’s upgrade that to a C Square.
      I guess they (daft punk) are a fave of the artist?
      Your post on Frida and your poem is wonderful! You outdid yourself!
      xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo. ✍︎🎨⊅⚔︎

        1. Yes, I think it is fitting. It actually helped me to post this, as I felt an inconclusiveness about what I was saying, doing!
          ✍︎🎨⊅⚔︎ xo

    1. A Frida Art Gown would be very Mexican in feel, style and colours.
      It would be a wonderful challenge!
      Yes, nothing is sacred! I didn’t even know who Daft Punk are. (humiliation)

    1. I think it’s very interesting, as well. The colours are great and her likeness is fab. The daft punk evades me…… but all art gets equal nations treatment here!

  4. You had the right words, Resa – “I am provoked” but in a way that causes a deeper consideration of the evolvement of art, and how each generation builds upon what has come before. Very interesting, indeed!

  5. I like it a lot. She rocks those tats and Daft Punk tee. Daft Punk are French, and Kahlo was the first Mexican artist of 20th century to be shown in a major gallery – the Louvre. Just a bit of a French connection. But is the cigarette Gitanes or Gauloises?

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  7. Well, art is a provocation of the senses. And yes, my first thing was the tats. I didn’t notice the Daft Punk until you pointed it out, but not a fan.

    Thing about art though . . . I’m still drawn in.

  8. I think if Kahlo was around today, she’d have tats! She was a badass. As for the Daft Punk, I actually knew they were a band (and no, I could not name a single song).

    Very cool art, I have to admit.

  9. Resa dear, thanks so much for this – I absolutely love it! I find it brilliant actually. I adore Frida Kahlo and I love it when artists really play on our notions of what´s right/ wrong/ belongs together or doesn´t etc. Super intriguing. To me it also brings up questions around “What does being an icon stand for?” or “Is it allowed to deconstruct or play around with icons?” Rebellious art is, to me, the most exciting kind of art 🙂 Thanks again!! Much love, hope you are well? xoxoxo💖

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