Pink Diamond Birdo

Did you know that pink Diamonds are one of the rarest gemstones on earth?

Artist: Birdo

Well, I don’t own one, but Birdo painted one.

Artist: Birdo

This Birdo looks a lot like a baby Blue Jay, but feel free to correct me, as I’m a bit off when it comes to nature studies.

Artist: Birdo

However, Inese, at Inese Photography is not challenged. Her nature posts are true gems.

Artist: Birdo

This post is to thank Inese for her Puffin Post contribution to Kids’ Month.

Pics taken by Resa –  February 19, 2017

Toronto, Canada

Photo © Inese Photography

⭐ THANK YOU, INESE! ⭐ Pic of Puffin  taken by Inese. if you want to glory in Puffins and other nature and historical pics just click on the Puffin and go to her blog!

♡ OH! Inese found a graffiti mural by Birdo in Ireland! ♡

Check out BirdO on Instagram!

Artist: Birdo

❤ I believe this is my last Kids’ Month Thank you post! ❤

There’s a Thank You Rose on my side bar. Click on the rose to visit all the Thank you’s!

31 thoughts on “Pink Diamond Birdo

  1. The problem here is that bird is trying to steal that diamond – this is known as “theft”. I once stole a pot of houmous (by accident), but other than this I can’t condone the bird’s behaviour as theft is wrong (although free houmous is good).

  2. I know what it is dear Resa. This little Canadian Klondike Blue Twitty bird is waiting for its new brother to hatch out of this gem egg. Once the gold dust is shaken off its new brother, they will fly off to nest in a new garage in Ottawa. I should be a naturist, shouldn’t I ? 😉
    Big hug and love from Ralph xxoxoxx ❤

    1. Ooo, I like the part where they relocate to Ottawa! Good thinking, homes are less expensive there. 😀 You should at least be teaching ornithology at the grade school level.
      Big hugs! Have a great weekend, and I just might be onto my Art Gown idea for you! Will send a mail, soon. Wheel of white rope is out, white voile & red lipstick is in. Don’t ask!
      Have a great weekend, dear Ralph! (Big surprise coming soon in my Art Gowns filler post) xoxo ❤

      1. Hah ! Me a teacher ? My cats know more about birds than I do as they love to watch them fly by. Where I live, there are many types of small birds, the swallows are here on their way to the northern countries for the summer and house sparrows are nesting everywhere. The only bluebird I have seen is the flash as a Kingfisher speeds by.
        I am looking forward to THE Art Gown and your email with loads of technical dressmaking terms which my cats will make use of. lol
        Okay, I have your Art Gown filler post in my inbox. I wonder what it is about ? I’ll finish answering comments and I will be right there.
        Thank you so much dear Resa and have a lovely weekend yourself. xoxo ❤

  3. Yahoooo you got through all of the thank you’s! Well done 🙂 And the birdo likes the gem, so it really DOES have good taste!! By the way, I adore it as my fave colour is pink ❤

    1. Well, you have very good taste in diamonds. Perhaps you will have a pink diamond one day. In the meantime here’s a big pink hug and a diamond of a kiss! ❤

    1. Hello dear Frank!
      I agree, the simplicity is very tasty.
      I keep checking your blog!
      No worries, I will check until I don’t blog, anymore.
      Much love,

    1. The Hovering Diamond, sounds the the name of a book. The story of a surrealistic painter named Delilah who paints melting abacus. 😀 😀

    1. Hello dear Charlie!
      In a way I have started something like that. I have a new page here titled “Artists”.
      I work on it when I have time, but there is a long hill to climb. 😀
      I have saved all of my pics many times, and so I feel confident that I have time.
      I adored your new poem today.
      I have been traveling consciously through dreamscapes for many years now.
      Much love to you! xo

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