37 thoughts on “Black Cat Crossed My Path

  1. I agree with Maciek; he’s gorgeous. He must be loved by the family who elevated him to their garage door! And what a great contrast with the flower… Love it, Resa.. 🙂

    1. It is fab, and is in an alley I found that’s cleaner than my kitchen. About half the garage doors were painted. Most were very kid friendly. 😀 xoxoxo

    1. Almost all of the doors were painted in this super clean alley. It is in a very urban area. It is an example of how residents are taking the alleys back from vandals. ❤

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  3. Love the cat dear Resa. It must have been really difficult to paint as that door is really humpity bumpity, isn’t it ?
    I do hope that you are having a lovely week my friend.
    Love and hugs. Ralph xoxoxo ❤

    1. Seems to me this cat looks like a lot like Sonic! ❤
      I am having a good week, thank you!
      I'm finally set up in the gown room, working on the next Art Gown. There was a bit of a delay getting it all started, as the gown room was all set up for Drake and Sol's Wedding photos.
      All pics have been taken, the ducks are sent back to their nest, and the gown is started.
      Much love, Resa xoxo ❤

      1. Yes, he does look like Sonic, it doesn’t he ?
        How exciting ! I must hire a ducks … umm … tux for Drake & Sol’s big day 🙂 I am really looking forward to that post.
        And, if it can’t get any better, the Art Gown is started ! Can’t wait for that one ! Sonic and Samantha have asked Jeep and Johnny to help you as much as they can. Unplicking has been recommended 🙂
        Love and hugs for you dear Resa. Ralph xoxoxo ❤

    1. This alley was neat as a pin,and almost every garage door was painted. I had only found one mural after 1.5 hours of walking. Of course it’s a spectacular Blue Jays mural (birds, not our baseball team). I was ready to call it quits, turned up an alley just for the heck of it and hit big time rewards. I shot for 2 more hours.

        1. If you get the itch, take some pics and submit it! There’s a how to submit page in the menu. I do up a guest post, credit you and link to your blog. Then I take one of the pics, link to your blog & put it on my sidebar. As you can see, I am very greedy for Street Art! 😀

    1. That alley was a gem! I shot for over an hour in it. Almost every garage door was painted. 😀 I wish I had more time to blog, because I am behind about 400 pieces of art spanning about 3 years now. 😀 Plus I’ve written a couple of poems I wouldn’t mind posting! xo

  4. Hi Resa, happy to be able to write this note. Without coming all the way into your blog I was not able to post any comment – this has happened on a couple of blogs today. So i tried coming right into your blog and am able to do so. Love this mural, the cat seems to be jumping right off the door (actually feels 3d here too). A perfect way to decorate back alleys!

    1. I’m glad you came! like going right into peoples blogs. I enjoy being in the environment they have set up, while I view a post or 2.
      Also, I find it less glitchy. This was a great alley. Most of the doors were decorated. I spent at least 1.5 hours in it. So much fun!

    1. Yeah, I changed themes because WP retired my old theme. I think it’s a better showcase for photos, as well as each post gets to have its own custom header.

    1. She is a beauty.
      I often think of many blog pals who I wish could come on an alley walk or mural hunt with me.
      Well, who knows? Love it when you visit! All cities should have lots of Street Art!

    1. Well, dear Charlie, you are beautiful thing of life! 😀
      I’m waiting to see your comment on the poem/comment I left on your blog. I’m thinking of posting the poem I wrote on my writing blog w/ link to your poem. ⭐
      You seem to inspire me.

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