95 thoughts on “Dionysus or Bacchus?

    1. Hello Liz!
      No, the mural is on a house. This is its garage.
      Maybe the owners are wine aficionados? Red wine is the only alcohol I drink.
      Everything else smells like cleaning fluids, or fuels.

  1. Timothy Price

    Good question. I agree about the cup. That is a fantastic mural. The door frame and the vapor rising off the cup makes it like he’s lounging in a fireplace. A very surreal aspect to the whole piece.

    1. Oh yeah, I see the fireplace effect, now. Interesting.
      It is an odd piece. I held back a year, as I kept finding more exciting art. Yet, as often happens, I find I like a piece way more than I originally thought.

  2. I think it’s Dionysus very disappointed with his ball of hot soup! 🤣😂🤣😂
    I wonder if that tree with the arrow is part of the composition. I agree with Tim about it being quite surreal. Great find!

      Well, okay if it’s wine soup! 🤣🤣
      The tree with the arrow is part of the composition. It is all on the same garage.
      Funny how it takes others to point out a feature of a piece of art to me.
      I always saw the arrow. I always saw the tree.
      I never saw the arrow going through the tree.
      What the heck does that mean?

          1. I think the ‘R’ is to do with Rosie the new puppy who has scoffed our entire house carpets including along with 5 pairs of Shirls knickers…one pair a day…and three pairs of my (old person’s) slippers…indeed the gal in the shoe shop claims that Rosie is now her best customer. Perhaps the ‘N’ means ‘nutter’. I watched her scoff 3 snails early today and felt a tad sick. The things is I love the little gal, Rosie the rascal. She has the gift of finding this old fool’s heart.

    1. Maybe it is! Only the artist knows for sure. I’ve never had that, so my opinion is not very valid.
      I’m quite squeamish around alcohol. Other than red wine (I am a Red Wino) … it smells awful.
      Hope all is well!

      1. Resa, this is one drink you try only once. As an alcoholic, I don’t imbibe anymore, being sans alcohol for fourteen years now. I tell people I drank enough before i quit to last a lifetime. At least red wine has some medicinal qualities. Keith

  3. Well, Sorceress,

    I’m thinking this is mulled wine if there is steam or vapours going from the bowl up. That, or he was given a bowl of stew expecting wine and that’s why he’s slumped over in disappointment!
    And to the right of him, it looks more like barbed wire – which didn’t exist in his time but hey. A twist of thorns?
    Now… how to explain the arrow piercing the tree? 😀

    1. Ahhhhhhhh,
      I’m mulling over the mulled wine.
      Jeez, I thought he was slumped over from massive wine consumption.
      However, if one wanted wine, and got stew…. BIG BUMMER!
      A twist of thorns.. yes..yes..
      Someone brought Cupid into this. His arrow went astray, as he was …. with wine.
      I must say, whatever this means, I am impressed with the thoughts this piece of art has invoked.
      Now, I am not sure why I hoarded this for a year.
      I need to get out and find more art! xo

      1. Isn’t it great when something you share creates such a fabulous discussion?
        I loved reading all the different interpretations, too!
        And, uhhh. yeah… what up with that? No more hoarding!

        1. Eek!
          ..I hoard art.
          Okay.. will try to release all hoarded art…. even that odd emojis mural.
          OMG… Sorry, there’s an AGM post coming up next. I’ll get back to you! ⚡️💥

  4. Well that’s certainly different! If he’s been drinking from a cup that large, it’s no wonder he’s slumping in his chair and spilling what’s left, although it looks more like fire to me. Maybe it’s a gigantic jello shot that melted while he was in a stupor. I never really got the idea of jello shots. Why not take a shot if you want one? Never really saw the point of shots either as I prefer to enjoy my alcohol, not just get plastered. Hmmm, now if this mural were on a house, it could be plastered. OK, I’m done. 🙂 And no, I’ve not been drinking!

    1. LOL! This art IS on a house. It’s on its garage. Perhaps those inside are plastered? 😀
      Jello shot? What the heck is that? Wine in Jello?
      I don’t eat Jello. It is an animal product, and as a veggie…..Jello is out.
      Yes, if I wanted a shot, I’d just throw one back. Of course I would vomit after that, as I can’t take any hard liquor.
      I adore this comment…. you nut, you!

  5. Cupid’s arrow missed its mark, he got drunk in disappointment, and now he’s hungover and trying to drink a cure for that–or some kind of potion. 😀

    In any case, it’s cool find! Thank you, Resa.

    1. Sounds like a good synopsis of a wine god’s friend’s life!
      I always knew Cupid is a wino. Probably why he missed his mark in the first place!
      It is a fun find.
      😀 🍷

  6. Nice one, Resa. He looks like he needed that chair. I posted the murals from out Paint Party last weekend. Trashcans, cars, trucks… so hard to photograph around! So I can now relate to the photographer’s challenges. Thanks for your inspiration.

    1. Yay! I love the post! Thank you for the shout out.
      I’m always thrilled when I manage to spread the street art bug, to anyone.
      Thank you for being so cool, Diana!

    1. Oh! I have some sort of memory, but had to look him up. The memory is clearer, but still fuzzy.
      He sure had the body of a god….. sort of a pre-Schwarzenegger career – body building to acting.

      Lol! Dionysus/Bacchus would have the most fun. They had the wine!! {{{hugs}}}

          1. Oh yes!! Thank you for the reminder!!

            “When I had that attack of pleurosis – he asked me what was the matter when I came back. I said pleurosis – he thought that I said Blue Roses! So that’s what he always called me after that. Whenever he saw me, he’d holler, “Hello, Blue Roses!”
            Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie

            1. I’m back, and have had a shower! Gotta wash the Covid off! I wore 2 masks and a shield.
              It’s the first day of early voting. The process due to Covid ensures a slow moving line-up. It took me an hour. I’m glad I went. Ever day there will be more and more people! xoxoxo

              1. I did mail in ballot last year but the Red states are trying to make voting as difficult as possible in the middle of a pandemic. Actually they are succeeding in making it very difficult for minorities to vote but in the process they are also making it very difficult for the elderly , a big part if their constituents. They recognize their stupidity in 2022. 😂

                1. I hope they get effedover! When will there be an election when Ron Death Sentence can be voted out?
                  Was going to post today, but will wait until tomorrow because of 9/11.

  7. How intriguing, to say the least, Resa, but great art work. I love the colors and details, and that tree with the arrow and beautiful leaves. And I’ll have a glass of wine, too. Thank you very much. Cheers! 🍷🥰

  8. Ooh, this is definitely wine for thought. What is with the arrow piercing the tree (?Daphne) and the half moon? Hope he gets over the hangover to give us the answers. Thank you for this stimulating artwork, Resa.

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