The Queen of Fado

Amália Rodrigues

She is known as the Queen of Fado.

Before I found this mural, I’d never heard of Fado.

Who knew? There is a musician up the street, and he is a Fado Singer.

He says Fado is the Portuguese Blues. He says, as everyone knows, Amália Rodrigues is the undisputed Queen of Fado!

Pics taken by Resa – July 19, 2021

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

80 thoughts on “The Queen of Fado

    1. Thank you Michel! I am thrilled to have found this mural, and learn about Fado.
      You are fortunate to know about Fado.
      This is my first listen. ❤

  1. Hi Resa, I haven’t heard of Amalia before but I’ll take a look online and try to find some more of her recordings. That mural is amazing….but why oh why are they always tucked away in alcoves or underpasses? And don’t get me started on rogue telephone cables stretching across them! As ever, an amazing share thanks.

    1. My fave is after the mural is painted, they plant a tree in front of it.
      Second fave is they put up a no parking sign over the nose, or an eye.

      Hey, have you seen Lovecraft Country? It seemed like sci-fi fantasy to me, but they’re calling it horror. Quite intteresting.

      1. Hello Resa, no I haven’t heard of Lovecraft Country but I just did an online search for it. I recognised the name of Lovecraft (as the author of many horror/sci-fi/Victoriana crossed with Steampunk novels) and from the Wiki I just read this TV series is a continuation/take on the novel of the same name. It is set in the same location that inspired the settings for H.P.Lovecraft’s stories.
        But as usual here in the UK I was unaware of the show. I have a cable package but it mainly rebroadcasts TV stations that are UK based or show local content. The package has Netflix, NowTv, and other premium subscription channels but I can’t afford those. Having said that, I haven’t seen any mention of Lovecraft Country on TV or online. I only just found out JJ Abrams was part of the production team for the show (his company Bad Robot). I will look further into the show – and I have searched for a few Amalia Rodrigues songs after your previous post and wow that lady sang as if she had “lived” the songs’ stories. I listened to” Estranha forma de vida ” and “Canção Do Mar” and her control of her voice was awesome…not to mention she seemed entranced as she sang. Thanks for introducing me to her work.

        1. You are welcome!
          You know, you are my official “go to guy” for odd sci-fi (ish) anything.
          I’m not sure what songs I listened to, but I have to agree about “living them”.
          As with any blues, one can only really sing them if they’ve lived them.
          I’m thrilled with what I’ve learned through art in the street!

  2. The artist did a beautiful job. It almost looks like a photograph, and on such a large scale. I didn’t know what Fado was either. Thanks for sharing that, Resa. I’m smarter today because of you. 😀

    1. You’re welcome!
      I’m smarter too, because of art.
      It’s crazy how the artists paint on such a large scale. I’ve watched them do it. They use ladders, or scissor lifts. They back up and have a look., then go and paint more. 😀

    1. I’ve actually learned a nice chinkle through street art. This piece is magnificent!
      I love her voice and this song!

  3. Stunning mural, Resa! As for fado music I had the privilege of experiencing this in person on a trip to Portugal … it is incredibly unique, evocative and both ethereal and raw. I’ve not heard of the Queen if Fado though and a special musical start to my morning! Thank you!

  4. She is the Queen of Fado and an amazing singer! I love that mural and even the tree contributes to its beauty! Great find, my sweet friend!

    1. Marina Dahling!

      Thank you for recognizing that I used the tree and leaves best I could.
      I also considered the wire and the porch eaves… and it was in a narrow space.

  5. Resa, fascinating story. I was unaware of this style, but of course, it makes sense that each region has its own style of a broader music genre. She is captivating. Keith

  6. Such a stunning mural. Resa. She looks like she’s looking over the neighborhood. Thanks for sharing.
    I’ve heard of Fado, but I didn’t really know anything about it or her. There is such passion and yearning in her voice.

  7. Amalia Rodrigues was one of my parents favourite singers. To me as a child Fado was a tad… “gripping”. Too much pathos. (I like Blues better) Still it is an interesting form of art. All well Resa?

    1. All is well!!
      How’s about you?
      Interesting you learned about Fado at a young age. My parents were big on American Country Music. I hated it, because my parents liked it, and it wasn’t rock. I do appreciate it now. Still don’t listen to it much, though.
      I just finished a quite busy spell, and will catch up on my blogging for a bit, now.
      Think of you often, and I’ll be by!

      1. Didn’t we all hate our parents’ music? (Charles Trenet, The Platters, Nat King Cole, Brassens, etc.) Now, with age we learn to give second chances. (I don’t mind Country, or Bluegrass. But none beat the Blues…)
        Be good Resa. 🙏🏻

    1. Agree, the mural is wonderful. I’ve seen artists paint large portrait murals from photographs.
      They back up a lot, view from a distance, look at the photo and go back to painting.

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  9. What a lovely way to discover one’s city…we have murals popping up all the time, one just caught my eye yesterday…I love exploring Toronto and will have to keep my eye out for these beautiful images!

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