No Town too Small for Street Art

“Diana” – Prolific writer, book reviewer extraordinaire and lover of life & love others have for life; has shared some groovy (amazing) street art from her home town, Verona (population 2300).
Now I share it with you!
I strongly suggest you go over and see it for yourself!
– Thank you, Diana!

Myths of the Mirror

I live in a little logging town in the Coastal Range of Oregon. Almost no one passes through because there isn’t anywhere to go. If you roll into Vernonia, it’s because you live, work, or play here, or know someone who does.

Despite having a population of about 2,300, we just painted the town red. Not with rowdy revelers, but with murals!

I love Street Art. It’s bright and beautiful, accessible to all, and free.

Resa, over at Graffiti Lux Art & More, wanders around Toronto, Canada searching out street art. Her posts are gorgeous and inspiring, and if you enjoy murals, definitely stop by her place. I promised her I’d share my town’s new paint!

Behind the Black Iron Grill

Outside the Dentist’s Office

I love the 3-D look of this one.

The wall outside the El Amigo Bakery

The long wall outside the R&S Market (above)

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