80 thoughts on “Hands Afire

  1. Timothy Price

    That is really a nicely done painting. Although I have to say I do not like the green lettering symbols, tags, whatever they are. The piece with the figure and the cityscape would be much more pleasing to me.

    1. Understood!
      I do like the lettering. When I just started taking pics of street art and murals, all of the street art was writing… the crazy lettering. I developed a love of it. Then it went out of style, and other art was all the rage. Now, it’s made a comeback of sorts. Anything goes today!

  2. I adore this so much and not because my first blog was titled Heartafire but for the mischievous and courageous glow in this this darling pixies face. She is so sweet and beautiful and such a work of art! Thank you dear Resa xoxoxo

    1. Welcome dear Holly! I adore it, too! So, it’s a pixie!! Of course! How did I miss that? I wasn’t sure what sex it was. DUH!
      She is sweet and beautiful.
      Thank you Holly! xoxoxoxo

        1. I see that, now. I was looking for a deeper meaning, which I now see doesn’t exist where I was looking for it. However, I still could exist in another angle. xoxoxoxo

          1. Well, there could be many angles and yours is probably right , you’re the walk art mystic. Whatever interpretation she’s gorgeous and the artist is awesome and you are for sharing this magical vision. Love!

            1. Aww, you are the sweetest!
              It is a magical vision.
              Yes, I am buttering you up. I’ve been working on Lala, and have a great story line to insert yet another thorn into the side of RR.
              Will write soon, with the idea.

    1. It’s an interesting piece, for sure.
      Yes,I was framed in an art attack.
      Thank you my dear.. I am innocent! Okay, time to lie down a bit before dinner!


    1. Thank you! I adore the combination of writing (which I consider graffiti art) with a bit of classic art setting it off.
      It’s like when an orchestra does a rock song.

    1. Lol! She has powerful hands, and could probably single handedly break though a pile of 100 bricks!

      Working on getting better. Thank you dear Lonely! 💜
      You seem to be back with a vengeance! I like the idea of your Youtube channel!

  3. Wonderful! I’m with Holly – so definitely a pixie face!
    And that lettering on either side makes it look like she is popping up from ice shards and then throwing her fireballs above it.

    1. Thank you, Diana! When the art inspires, I aspire!
      I see you saw the reblog I did, for Sue. Thank you for the link. You are right! The presentation with the photos is not just lovely, it is sublime!

    1. Thank you, JT! I appreciate that. I’m not the artist, but I make art with my pics in an attempt to more fully share the experience of seeing the art in real life.

  4. They eyes mesmerize, don’t they. I agree with Holly that this is a pixie. The brick canvas adds a dramatic flare with was used by the artistic to accentuate the message. If you look closely at the hair position, there seems to be a power centre. Wouldn’t this make a great character for a graphic novel? Such power in this presentation. Ah, Resa, you are a mural whisperer.

    1. A mural whisperer? Oooo, I like that! Okay!
      I’m a huge fan of the walls the artists paint on: brick, stucco, wood, aluminum siding, anything!
      They are inspired by the brick, etc. I have been with street artists, as they drool over a wall. It’s a wonderful thing!

            1. A bit. I need to leave my desk soon, and put my foot up with some ice. You know, it’s like 2 steps forward and 1 step back.
              Nonetheless all in all, it seems good. I’d like to wear the compression bandage, but there is a nasty bruise on the ankle bone, and the bandage is killer!

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