Invasion of the Giant Termites

Between you & me, I’m terrified! 

Camants #1

See what I mean! They’re giant termites. Or, are they ants?

Camants #8

Just checking! After all, I thought a snake was a lizard & storks were seagulls.

Camants #2

Whatever they are, they are all over my home!

Camants #4

Nowhere is safe!

Camants #5

See what I mean!

Camants #6


Camants #9

No artist signature.

Camants #10

Pics taken by Resa, January 31, 2016

Toronto, Canada

The Cameron House is a long lived, & long loved Toronto bar & home to all artists.

Camants #3

45 thoughts on “Invasion of the Giant Termites

  1. Don’t panic !

    Hang on Resa I’m coming !

    I’ll just get the spray…. Hairspray ? No. Deodorant ? No. Aftershave ? (do they shave ?). No. Anti wrinkle dewrinkle wrinkle spray ? Yep, that’ll do.

    Coming !

    Ralph xoxox ❤ ❤ #<

    1. Sir Ralph, my friend – you are a straight english gentleman – I knew you were – don’t think about saying no thanks – if the cute Resa do offer a drink inside The Cameron House when you are finished the hard work – I believe it’s an absolutly worth visiting place… 😀

    1. Thank you! Okay, LDN, you & Ralph (the perfect English Gentleman) are wonderfully fun & crazy!
      What can I say? I’ll have a drink with both or either! 🙂

    1. I don’t know, but I’ve thought of it… like The twilight Zone. Someone falls/walks into a mural & is absorbed into a story generated by the idea of that mural.

  2. Great shots, Resa. I wouldn’t want those bugs on my building, now with those serrated jaws. But the woman is beautiful. Ah, I see that inesephoto, above me, said they were termites. Well, that answers that question, right? 🙂

    1. Yes, and not just any termites… albino termites! There is a couple of restaurants across the street. This is what the patrons with the window seats see! 🙂

  3. I want one; or maybe two..! 😀
    Resa, I’ve never told this to anyone; but, I love garden decorations like flamingos and storks and kangaroos. I saw a brilliant bronze metal kanga recently and had to breathe deeply as I slowly reversed away… I loved it, but couldn’t bring myself to buy it… Another part of me loves the pristine, neat and tidy aspect of the yard… It’s a battle; who’ll win??? 😉 😉
    Loved this… xoxoxo

    1. Dear Carolyn,
      How lovely to see you! I wish I had a yard! (My home is beside a street car stop on a semi-major street)
      It would be filled to capacity with anything I could grow that bloomed. It would have garden gnomes galore, and flamingos and small statues & a bee hive & milkweed for Monarch Butterflies & 2 pet chickens. I want to add more to the list, but square footage costs a fortune in Toronto.
      Who will win your battle? Why you of course! One day if you feel like breaking out and going Boho, I know you will. I love tidy yards, and admire them all the time. xoxoxo 😉 🙂

      1. I’ve never considered a bee hive, though, wow, that would be marvellous too… 😉 I adore chickens – or ‘chooks’ as we call them in Oz. I grew up with chooks in our backyard; they are the craziest, zaniest, fun little creatures (except when they want to chase you!!! especially the roosters!!!). 😯
        Boho, maybe one day; you can never tell, can you, what fate has in store!?! Great fun; I’m sure… 😉

        Great to catch up with you… xoxoxo

    1. Yes, I have thought about it. Others have suggested it. I’ve had other very creative ideas, as well, such as my Art Gowns. Thing is , I have no mind for business. I need a business person. I’ve written 2 books, 3 screenplays, and 1 TV series treatment.
      As a creative person, you may understand my dilemma.
      Thank you so much for this wonderful compliment! ❤

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