Hold on! It’s a Bumpy ride.

This doorway mural was painted during the onset of the lockdown.

Hi! Here I am first time out socially, in 12 weeks. It was great to see 2 family members.

I’ve decided to grow out my grey hair. That thing in the centre of my chest is a bottle of hand sanitizer on a lanyard. I wear OS men’s shirts as a form of PPE. I hand painted my mask.

I’ve been reading more than usual. Check out my Art Gowns review of 5 of Shehanne Moore’s Historical Romance novels, by clicking on the book cover below!

I can’t get enough of gowns, especially in a romantic historic setting . I can’t get enough of street art.

There must be a correlation?

I also enjoyed reading Mike Steeden’s The Blue-Eyed Cat

Let me know what you’ve enjoyed reading during your time on hold!

Pics taken by Resa – June 1, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artist: Unsigned

Here’s a promo for Mike Steeden’s new book; The Snow White Tigress. It was made by George, over at Zoolon Hub  If you are a writer, and would like a promo made with original music, check him out! Very reasonable prices.

I’m staying home, mostly. I’ve got a myriad of creative projects on the go & 2 cats to boss  me around.

99 thoughts on “Hold on! It’s a Bumpy ride.

  1. Congratulations on getting out and seeing some familiar faces! You look spectacular, love the bit of silver beautiful! That wine looks good too. Wonderful wall art photographs, but your face mask is the cats PJ’s. Fabulous post of Shey and Mikes books. I’ve had little time but I did go back and reread Ice by Anna Kavan, a very surreal book and I got started on Hopscotch but put that down for now. I love this post, you are so adorable! ❤️🤗xx

    1. Thank you! It was great to get out and see some family. I won’t lie, I was very nervous, a bit in fear. Nonetheless, I was giddy with delight when I got home. I’ll send you a pic w/o mask.
      I can’t publish it here, as I am far too sexy for my age. Hahahaha x ♾

      Okay, so “Ice”, by Anna Kavan. It’s on my list! The library is partly open. Just have to get a new card. Mine expired during the lockdown.
      Take care, dear Holly! Adore you!


      1. You’re way too sexy for a mask! I don’t recommend Ice. I’m reading it twice cause it didn’t make a lot of sense first go round. mostly I’m catching films on Netflix when I get home. Last night watched The Good Liar with Helen Mirren and Ian McClellan. Fantastic, I recommend that. Lots of people are letting their gray grow out. I think it’s lovely and I know you are!

        1. Thanks for the ICE tip!
          I have seen The Good Liar. It is fab. I’ve probably mentioned this before, (I’m part parrot) but I did get to work with Helen in a movie. What a joy designing her wardrobe. She is a great performer, and made my work look ever better.
          Then there’s the story about Resa, Helen, craft service and the onions.
          #Grey is Gorgeous
          Adore you!!!!!

          1. They were fortunate to work with you! Helen is a jewel. I agree about gray. My ex mother in law had all gray, never used color and it was stunning!
            Adore you sweet friend.

  2. Lovely, Sorceress!

    I, too, have decided I like my grey so my hairdresser gave me a few black streaks to “break” the straight regrowth line. It’ll help as it grows to not just look like a bum who can’t afford her colour anymore! 😉

    Love this black and white mural.

    As for reading… I have beta read a few books and am now reading a part two of a series by Michael Wynn (he’s a fellow Friday Fictioneer) – very enjoyable. I really have to try one of Shehanne’e novels!

    1. Thunder!

      Yeah…. I looked at the length of my roots. I figured I’d never have a head start like this, again. Pardon the pun! 😀
      I went the opposite way. I added grey hanging down, to some of the corolla ringing the top of my head. Either way Thunder & Sorceress are not hair bums!!!

      I was thrilled to find this mural, on my first outing: alone, 2 masks, mostly in the alleys where there are no people. I completely sanitize when I get home. You’d think I was contaminated with radiation.
      Michael Wynn, hey. I’ll have to check out his blog. Is that where you read part 2?
      Take care sweet friend!
      OH…. I need a flower from you. It’s for Art Gowns drawings. Roses, Wildflowers and Daffodils are taken.
      I can hardly wait to see what you pick! 💐🌸🌺🌼

      1. Sorceress!

        I thought my hairdresser would do that but I think, since she thought she was simply doing my usual dye job, that she didn’t book enough time. I asked her if she could and she and her colleague both voted the best way to go was with the dark streaks. Alrighty then. Who am I to argue? Not my area of expertise and it’s looking quite all right. So many of us have decided we are tired of not being natural during this time! Two of my friends did it too. One just cut it uber short and is letting it go… looks great. Her friend did like me.
        We are not hair bums!

        Really nice mural. You are a tad over-cautious but the important thing is you are comfortable with your choices.

        I only read his FF on his blog. His part 2 is a novel I’m reading on my Kindle as was the first book. First one is called: “From the Edge of an English Summer” and part two is called “Outsiders”. Unlikely friendship is born between a street-dweller and a retired banker – they solve missing persons crimes – despite themselves! Very good.
        My favourite flower is the Sunflower… 🌻 And if not that, then Daisy is next 😉

        1. So much talent is right here on WP!
          How kind of you to use the word “tad”. Hysterically over cautious is about right.

          The SUNFLOWER is yours!

  3. Congratulations on getting out!
    I’m letting my grey grow out, too. 😀
    The street art is fabulous. We haven’t been into the city (Philadelphia) since February or March.

    Right now I’m reading The Women of the Copper Country by Mary Doria Russell. I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t know Upper Michigan had copper mines, and I didn’t know anything about “Big Annie” Kobochar Clements who led the strikers.

    1. #Grey is Gorgeous
      I see very young people ( 20 -30) dying their hair grey.
      It’s very glamorous on them. It’s glamorous on us! We earned it. They didn’t.
      Not bitter. Much.
      Of course those were not proper sentences. Much.
      Anyway, The Women of the Copper Country sounds interesting. I’m compiling a list. Love that a woman lead the strikers!
      Whatever happens, I will still find street art! 🎨🤗

      1. Yeah, I don’t get that trend to dye hair grey. Oh well. Sitting around in sweat pants–I don’t know about glamorous. Maybe we’ll go for elegant or stately. 😏 Mary Doria Russell’s first book is called The Sparrow, one of my favorites. It’s sci-fi, but more concerned with characters, sort of based on the Jesuits going to the Americas.

        1. Hahaha!
          Well, there is a certain glamour to sweat pants. I mean some of the hippest on the planet rock them.
          However, I will also go with: elegant, stately, (comfy, need to do laundry, so hip it hurts and jeans…. really?)
          The Sparrow! Oh.. I adore history! The Jesuits going to America is the beginning of where we are now, in a non-biblical sense. Funny to say that, even though religion was at the root.
          You are a smart person. I need todo a lot of reading to catch up! xo

  4. You’re out and about! Hurrah! Lookin’ good even though I thought perhaps what turned out to be hand sanitizer was some sort of magic potion. You really never know, do you? 🙂 There’s really great street art around you and I’m so glad you enjoy sharing it. Red wine, my favorite. Glad it’s cool enough for you to enjoy it. I’ll open a bottle sometime in the next week to make the sauce for the lamb chops, but it’s so hot here that red wine isn’t on the drinks menu most of the time. However, we’re surviving with the chilled wines and not whining about it. 🙂



    1. Yeah, it was a fun night. Someone said I should market hand sanitizer medallions. LOL!
      I know, red wine is the tastiest, but I’m sure the chilled wines are refreshing.
      It’s gotten really really hot here, and humid. 100 – 110F. Can’t go for more than a half hour – 40 minute walk (that includes one stop at a store with AC)
      I still won’t take public transport. Although masks were mandated last week, I want to see how high the compliance is.
      Anyway, like I said, Hold on! The ride is not over, yet!

      Cheers…. with a chilled white! 🥂

  5. I love your mask, Resa! I agree that this has been a time of reflection and creativity, which is wonderfully displayed in your blog posts. Isn’t it wonderful to meet up with family. I am now reading “The Unravelling of Lady Fury” – isn’t the book cover remarkable – the trunk, the red dress (looks like one of your creations), the ship in the background. I finished Eugene Onegin by Alexander Pushkin and Circe by Madeline Miller, The House on the Strand by Daphne Du Maurier. Right now I am reading “A Gentleman in Moscow” by Amor Towles, “Wurthering Heights” by Emily Bronte. And I have taken a deep deep deep breath and started to read “Faust” by Goethe We are at the beginning of this journey and it is so good to have kindred spirits along the way to give courage to explore how to connect within our new reality. Many thanks for creating a space that celebrates art and creativity.

    1. Dear Rebecca,
      Where would humanity be without the arts?
      You too, have created spaces where art is celebrated. LOL! That’s why I follow you.
      So glad you are reading Lady Fury! Shehanne has her own way of telling a tale. So does Keith Richards in his book “LIFE” which has got to be the benchmark for Rock autobiographies. Bob Dylan Chronicles was the same, but not as wildly exciting as “LIFE”.
      Do you know of the Canadian author Joy Fielding? I’ve read most of her books. She is a NY Times Best Selling Author. Grand Avenue is my absolute fave, although she is more famous for other titles. (cousin-in-law; or would that be cousin once removed)
      I’m rambling, lol!
      Anyway your varied choice of reading is admirable.
      Good luck with the Faust book, and I intend to read some Daphne DuMaurier!

      1. Found Joy Fielding on Audible. I have chosen “The Bad Daughter and “All the Wrong Places”. I can’t find “Grand Avenue” but I’ll keep on looking. Thank you so much for the introduction. It has been a great time for reading. I am enjoying Lady Fury immensely.

        1. Cool! Also, “See Jane Run” is quite a fab read. Sally Field bought the rights to make a movie of it, but never did! Hope you find “Grand Avenue”! What a read!!

      2. The lovely Rebecca has been kind enough to invite me to Tea and Trivia, Resa and THAT is your doing. Again xxxxxxxxxxxxxx you, I am afraid I do have my own way of telling a tale and that is why you kindness to me means so very much xx

  6. ‘That thing in the centre of my chest is a bottle of hand sanitizer on a lanyard’ perhaps the line of the century, never again to be said in context. That said, my thanks for your kind words and action, indeed also those toward the lovely Shehanne. Regards, TOF.

    1. OMG! I came up with the “line of the century”.
      Always thought I might.
      Shehanne, temptress heroines, fighting beauties and TOF all in one post blows my mind.
      Adore you guys!

      1. Good day, Ms S. ‘Tis an interesting thing is a…potential, in my case…follow-up book that stands alone, yet subtly includes covert yet necessary links to its predecessor. Lessons to learn methinks. I believe this one will take time to create. At least it has my brain functioning once again, notwithstanding that my brain is both untamed and untrained.

        1. Glad to here you are back at the desk again, or wherever you write. doing what you re doing therein terms of a standalone with links is not easy. hats off to you. You will get this.

          1. I was hoping all it would be were cherry picking those who remained from book 1 and leaving behind those who would not. Also, snippets from the previous offerings need to be well chosen way beyond my first train of thought. Having said that, thus far, I’m enjoying every minute of it, more so I think because we…Shirl, quake and me…agreed that I write no more than just 1,000 words a day maximum. That way I’m not putting self in a position whereby I lose track of the time, the real world and my own health. For this escapade I shall be the tortious not the hare. Have a splendid weekend.

            1. You too Mike. nothing wrong with doing a set number of words per day for quite a number of reasons. Nothing ever works out the way you think in terms of when yous tart and how you think it will be. But that is often best.

  7. Fun post, Resa — I enjoyed your candid moments and descriptions, and the photo of you in your socializing foray. The photos of the street art are fantastic, as usual. You do a nice job of capturing the big picture and then all the captivating details that enhance it. Love that raven/crow face.

    1. Thank you, Jet!
      Yeah, the bird with the eye in the heart is super! Lol, my socializing foray! It’s still the only socializing I’ve done. I’ve bought food, and gone for alley walks, but always by myself, and heavily masked/with the hand sanitizer necklace.
      You take care! Looks like Covid is strangling California!

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  9. Glad you had an opportunity to get out of the house a bit, the COVID thing has been depressing at times for me. The artwork is awesome, and the photos of you are pretty as well. The drawings of gowns were great, I’ve been reading Pet Semetary in my spare time when I’m not doing anything else

    1. Oh, Pet Semetary! King is a fab writer, and I hear it’s a good book.

      The Covid thing is not fun for anyone, Chris.
      We are sick and tired of the virus, but the virus is not tired of making us sick!
      You take care!

  10. 12 weeks!!!!!! So happy you’re out again and I love how everything you do is in style and so artistic! Mask / hand sanitizer necklace[!] / hair… everything! The mural is beautiful… especially the bird! many many hugs and love and 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    1. Aww, thank you , Marina!
      Yeah, 12 weeks. We are only in phase 2 of reopening, so they still want us to stay at home as much as possible!
      IKR! i adore the bird with the eye!

  11. Resa, you look amazing, and it’s funny how we’re rethinking the gray when getting to a salon isn’t possible. I’m still thinking but also embracing the grays, yet they are sometimes stubborn, which is frustrating. 🙂 Your gowns are stunning and Shehanne’s books sound amazing, too. Glad you’ve had the chance to get out while still staying safe. Times are definitely surreal, aren’t they? Great post, as always. Take care, Lauren 💜

    1. IKR! The grey is okay! I should save about $800.00 a year on top of it!

      Thank you for this lovely comment, Lauren! You take care, too! xo ❤

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    1. Thank you, dear Charlie. We are in crazy times, and I see on the news it is bad where you live.
      Stay safe!!! Stay Home!
      Oh… can’t remember if you saw it, but I did a tribute to Jimi Hendrix on Art Gowns. Very happy about it!

  13. Looking cool dear Resa! Ace you painted your own mask, and well done for letting the grey flow free, and wearing what you want. Be as we want to be.
    Impressive art that rendered in b&w, like the colours were in lockdown too.
    I got a new orange paisley design fabric mask, which I match with my orange Converse and an orange tennis wrist band 🙂 And already folk asking ‘where’d you get your mask from?’
    I went to a busy outdoor market last weekend and was surprised at how few people wear masks now. It’s like most people are: ‘whatever’. Still lots wearing them in indoor shops though, and many shops it’s entry only with a mask.
    Stay safe and well and cool!

    1. Your mask, band and sneaks sound very cool! I’m getting more masks. My girlfriend made me one, and I’ll paint up a couple more. I wear coloured sneaks, too!

      Yeah, we have new mask mandates here, but compliance is not where it should be.
      My cat’s vet brought me a face shield. She said I live in a filthy area, ( Camp Covid is up the street from me. It’s a tent city and almost everyone has tested positive) and I should wear a mask and a shield around here. So, I will!
      You take care, too! xo

  14. What a wonderful post my friend. i I had to rake a bit for to find it actually, in the catch up pile this week BUT I have it now!!! YAY!!! Firstly I want to thank you again for the shout out. You are so very very good to me, I actually can’t thank you enough. I’ve got Mike’s new book and it is next up on the pile here. Sure to be a luscious treat. Now, my lovely Resa, I am upset to think of you living in an area where there’s all these infections. Please take the greatest care. Everyone has to find their own way with this. We have been so lucky where we live. But I know it is hard for folks who have not been out and about much, to go back out there. All love to you my friend. Keep the creative juices flowing. It is what you were born to do xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Shey!
      Yeah, it is scary around here. The vet was horrified, and told me to wear the mask with a shield, and actually gave me a shield.
      We’ve got soup kitchens, food banks with line-ups like I’ve never seen, an injection site, Camp Covid, half-way houses and a mental institution. It never bothered me (much) until this Covid thing.
      Yeah, creativity is at the core of my survival. That’s why I adore you. You are creative, and let me draw draw you in my ….. way!
      I’ve been out once since the visit, for food and banking. I want to go in the alleys for art (no one but me & artists in the alleys), but now we are having a sickening heat/humidity wave. It’s like 100-110 F everyday, and there is no let up in sight.
      I’m making a break for it on Monday (banking/ pharmacy/special cat crunchies) but that will be it for another week.
      I want to go to the art supply store, but I actually have to walk by Camp Covid.
      Okay, the new Art Gown is coming along. I spend 2 hours a day on that.
      Okay, I’ll stop ranting now! xoxoxoxoxox

  15. I’m loving that mask, Resa! Of course you painted it yourself, I wouldn’t expect it any other way 😉 Good that you had a social outing, we all need that! I like this art for its thoughtfulness, especially with the truth weights shown up-close at the end of the post. So much truth is coming to light… it is quite the time in the world… Stay safe xx

  16. Ah Resa, your hair is gorgeous! Just the right shade of grey. And that mask – you rock it.
    I haven’t read anything these past months, but I listened to the best music I could find on the web.
    I love Mike’s stories and poetry and look forward to reading the new book.
    Stay safe xx

  17. Read, I am so glad I stumbled across your blog. I find street art fascinating! All forms of art really. I’d like to do a mural…someday, in or out of doors.
    I really enjoyed your post, love your style, and greatly anticipate reading more of your posts! Sláinte Mhath!

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