Queen Amidala – Star Wars

Although I have never seen a Star Wars movie, I did recognize this fence mural as from the franchise.

So, I sent a pic to my main pal from this universe – Tyeth – For Tyeth Saber Site

Tyeth – “Oh wow! That is unreal! I think the artist has used the colour palette used on the Phantom Menace cover art for the Blu-Ray edition boxes (which is a blueish-purple). It gives this mural a real powerful feel to it, especially having Darth Vader on the left and Master Yoda opposite him.”

Tyeth – “That is Queen Amidala in the centre, during the time when she was presiding on the throne. This is her wearing one of her ceremonial outfits (based on real life Mongolian fashion) and headgear.”

Tyeth – “Her makeup is very symbolic and the mark on her lower lip (which when viewed in normal colours is red) represents the blood and people of Naboo that were lost in the planet’s first war many centuries before.”

Tyeth – “Queen Amidala was the youngest ever queen to be crowned at only 15 years of age – it was a Naboo tradition to coronate young rulers as they tended to be less jaded and cynical”.

Tyeth – “In the movie (Phantom Menace) Queen Amidala also known as Padme was played by two actresses: Natalie Portman and by Keira Knightley, who acted as a decoy in some scenes. In real life the two actresses looked so alike their own mothers mistook them for each other!”

Tyeth –Why can’t I find awesome art like this in my neighbourhood?”🤔

I don’t know. It’s paint on a fence, in an alley.

Pics taken by Resa – May 5, 2022

Toronto, Canada

Obviously, this post is dedicated to Tyeth

Also giving a shout out to Ford – The Vintage Toy Advertiser  He is the 2nd most Star Wars fan I know.

The art is unsigned, as far as I can see. Love to know who did this!

Red Owl Beauty

Part 1 of the Maneli Imports mural.

Artists: Shalack, Smoky & Clandestino

Artists: Shalack, Smoky & Clandestino

  Find it on Dovercourt on the side of the building.

Imp #1

It’s a masterpiece!

Artists: Shalack, Smoky & Clandestino

And it’s massive!

Artists: Shalack, Smoky & Clandestino

Artists: Shalack, Smoky & Clandestino

Double owl reflection.

Artists: Shalack, Smoky & Clandestino

Next post I’ll start on the Blue Frog & work to the center.

Artists: Shalack, Smoky & Clandestino


Imp #27

Pics taken by Resa, March 6, 2016

Toronto, Canada

Chapeau to the Artists: Shalack & Smoky – aka Clandestinos

Artists: Shalack, Smoky & Clandestino

Artists: Shalack, Smoky & Clandestino



“May The Force Be With You”

You got it! I found a “Star Wars” garage door.

Yoda #4

It’s in an alley S. side of Queen St. W.

Yoda #3

I’m excited for 2 reasons.

Yoda #2

1. I have a lot of outdoor art for children. Some is done by children. I want to post a lot of this art over the next few weeks.

Yoda #1

2. I want to say HAPPY VALENTINE’S to all of you, and there’s a heart of love in this piece!

Yoda #6

Yoda #7

Yoda #8

Star Wars is for kids & the kid in all of us adults!

Yoda #5

Pics taken by Resa, January 31, 2015

Toronto, Canada

Artist: signed by YARKA

Yoda #10

Yoda #9