“May The Force Be With You”

You got it! I found a “Star Wars” garage door.

Yoda #4

It’s in an alley S. side of Queen St. W.

Yoda #3

I’m excited for 2 reasons.

Yoda #2

1. I have a lot of outdoor art for children. Some is done by children. I want to post a lot of this art over the next few weeks.

Yoda #1

2. I want to say HAPPY VALENTINE’S to all of you, and there’s a heart of love in this piece!

Yoda #6

Yoda #7

Yoda #8

Star Wars is for kids & the kid in all of us adults!

Yoda #5

Pics taken by Resa, January 31, 2015

Toronto, Canada

Artist: signed by YARKA

Yoda #10

Yoda #9

33 thoughts on ““May The Force Be With You”

  1. This is super cool find Resa! You do know that I’m a BIG Star Wars fan 🙂
    Go check out my fashion site I have posted a photo with the title “The Force” where I personally met the all famous jedi master! No joke 😉
    Happy Valentine’s Day sweet friend!
    Keep warm and safe, soon the nice weather is coming your way!
    Much love and hugs to you~

    1. Yay! I’m glad it makes you smile over here. This is supposed to be a fun, easy going & entertaining blog!
      The collaboration post with Aquileana & Christy was a passion of fun to work on & very satisfying. If you get the chance, check out the entire post on Art Gowns! There’s lots more stunning photos of Mnemosyne.
      It’s so exciting that I’ve designed for a Goddess!

      1. I am one step ahead of you, or at least a week or so as I stopped by the other week and liked it. By which I mean I clicked the like button and I was impressed by the dress as well.

        Being a man I don’t think I have the critical eye for clothes that ladies have, having said that putting it into context with Mnemosyne really helped me appreciate it more.

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