Picture Book Pass It On


YoungHts #1
Artist: Gwen McEwen

Michelle from Michelle Eastman Books runs a project every March to bring picture books to children with incarcerated parents or grandparents in Iowa.

YoungHts #3
Artist: Gwen McEwen

You donate a book. The parent or g’parent reads it. A recording is sent along with the book for the child to enjoy.

YoungHts #2
Artist: Gwen McEwen

When  I decided to post my kids’ street art, I wanted to dedicate the first post to her very worthy project. The Picture Book Pass It On Logo is at the bottom of this post & will take you to all of the info.

YoungHts #4
Artist: Gwen McEwen

These children worthy photos are from a housing project in Manitoba, Canada. They decorate a murky tunnel kids walk through daily. 

YoungHts #5
Artist: Gwen McEwen

Pics taken by Resa, April 21, 2014

Winnipeg, Canada

Young Hearts Run Free – Artist: @ Eckstatic

YoungHts #6
pic by Resa 11/11/15 Toronto

For easy access, I’m putting a linked Logo on my sidebar for awhile.


22 thoughts on “Picture Book Pass It On

    1. I was very moved when I read about the project. Thank you for liking it & your kind words.
      Gov’t… don’t get me going! Although I’m giving our new young idealistic Prime Minister time.

    1. I like sharing something like this. It feels right. I’d like to reblog one of your fashion illustrations in the future.. on Art Gowns, of course. Do you allow reblogs?

      1. You’re very special Resa, a lovely human being with a big bright heart!
        Yes, it would be an honor to be reblogged by such a talented designer! Let me know which illustration you choose for the occasion 🙂
        Much love and hugs to you and hey the mild weather heading your way!!!

        1. I’ll pick a sketch in the next few weeks, once Mnemosyne dies down. I will let you know what I pick & when I will reblog! Thanks Eva! 🙂 Spring in 5 weeks. ⭐

    1. Thanks, Jet! I decided to make it a kind of “kids’ month” on GlaM. I have a lot of street art for &/or by kids. Might put a couple more children’s charities on my side bar for a few weeks!

    1. Thank you! I am on about kids this month. I have a lot of street art that is really fab, and yet child-like at the same time. Power to us! Power to the children who will inherit what we leave behind.

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