Kids’ Park & Community Garden

I found this art a few days ago in a kids’ park & community garden.

KidsG #1

Of course it was -10C, but as this is Kids’ Month on GLaM, I took off my gloves and shot these adorable images that decorate a tool shed.

KidzG #2

Michelle Eastman, whose personal cause is has a month for children, so I can, too!

KidzG #3

The causes are on my side bar..

KidzG #4b

Looks like kids’ of all ages painted this.

KidzG #6

KidzG #7

Below, this one side of the shed seems painted by an older artist. A teen? A parent?

KidzG #9

KidzG #10

KidzG #8

Pics taken by Resa, February 1o, 2016

Toronto, Canada

Young Hearts Run Free – Artist: @ Eckstatic

YoungHts #6
pic by Resa 11/11/15 Toronto


17 thoughts on “Kids’ Park & Community Garden

  1. Now that’s what I call ‘cool’, Resa.
    What fun it must be to be a parent of one of those kids. Hey; what fun to ‘be’ one of those kids… Outside playing, gardening, painting; wow, that sounds like something I would have loved… 🙂

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