Ukulele Lady

On a minimal find graf hunt day, I came across this mural.

Artists: Tikay & Aner

It was in the process of being painted.

Artists: Tikay & Aner

I met the artists.They spoke broken English. I spoke broken Spanish.

Artists: Tikay & Aner

Despite the language differences, I learned that the artists were working with youths who had lost one or both parents to drug addiction.

Artists: Tikay & Aner

I went back 6 days later to photograph the result.

Artists: Tikay & Aner

The ukulele originated in Hawaii. It is related to several Portuguese instruments, in particular the machete and the rajão.

Artists: Tikay & Aner

Pics taken by Resa – June 14, 2017

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:

Below is a pic from the day I met the artists, when the kids were helping.

Artists: Tikay & Aner – taken June 8, 2017
Artists: Tikay & Aner
Artists: Tikay & Aner


47 thoughts on “Ukulele Lady

    1. It was a joy to find, Carolyn. It was lovely to speak with the artists, and learn how they were including these kids in their mural project in such a positive way. 😀 xoxoxo

  1. I LOVE this one! I love that the artists are doing something so great with the kids. My daughter plays ukulele! She hasn’t learned many songs yet, but she became pretty good at it. I love hearing her play.

      1. It is. I play piano, my husband plays a little guitar. But none of us have been playing as much in the last couple of years. I hope she gets more into it when she’s out on her own. Best to you, too, Resa! I love your blog!

    1. A gorgeous mural came out of this valiant endeavor! Hopefully, it helped the kids as well. It must have, because there was so much great energy there that day!

  2. As someone who plays the drums, I can’t identify with a ukel… ukah… stringed instrument, but this is another mega, psychedelic piece of artwork. Reminds me of Woodstock ’69, even though I wasn’t around at the time.

    1. I love the Woodstock movie. The style of the musicians at the time, and the music. The psychedelic art is groovy Tuesday and OMG… you play drums! Personally, I’ve always found drummers very appealing!

      1. The Who’s performance at Woodstock is my favourite bit. Love those guys, although they hated the whole experience, apparently.

        Yeah, well I’m a decent drummer. Not much more. It’s therapeutic, though, you know.

  3. When the Ukulele lady plays who instrument.
    The musical notes spread around the city and people wonder where the music is coming from. Upon arrival the town people touch hope and heal of all wounds from the first time ever.

    I love this so much. I miss you Resa. 🙂

    I am back again. 🙂

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