Just Chilling

I saw this going by on a street car. It was very high up.

Artist: Jarus

Definitely a large billboard size, I wondered if it was maybe going to be a beer ad, but something felt different than advertising.

Artist: Jarus

I returned 3 weeks later, and no, no ad. It’s art, by one of my absolute faves, Jarus.

Artist: Jarus

Extremely difficult to capture with my camera phone.

Artist: Jarus

I adore the sky blue background, the blue shirt several shades a darker sky blue, the blue grey of the painted cement he sits on, and the green trees in the distance darkened by blue. The painting seems part of the sky and of earth, all at the same time.

Artist: Jarus

Pics taken by Resa – July 11, 2017

Toronto, Canada

Artist: Jarus

25 thoughts on “Just Chilling

  1. Great mural, Resa, and you did a wonderful job of photographing it. I like the close-ups with the detail, but that penultimate photo does a superb job of giving the big picture of the art on the street. I find it amazing that those geometric shapes in the shirt sleeve and face translate at a distance into shirt wrinkles and face shadows…says a lot about the skill of the artist.

    1. Thanks Jet! Also thanks for teaching me a new word – penultimate –
      Jarus is amazing skilled. I’ve adored his work for years, and it’s always an excitement to find a new piece.

    1. I adore this piece. Toronto artists are going wild painting right now, and it’s so exciting. It’s like watching the Art crop come in. 😀

  2. Yay for it NOT being an ad 🙂 Instead, it’s a spotlight on artwork – and you caught it nicely with your camera phone. I understand the angle wasn’t optimal given how high up it is but you did great showing it to us 🙂 I like the contented look on the man’s face.

    1. Yay! It really is an amazing work by Jarus! 😀 The look on the guys face is how I figured the name for this one. 😀 That new Art Gown is keeping me from my blog life, but oh well!

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