Para Resa

Belén Soto, master ceramisist, and her students have honoured me with a wonderful mural.
From Vigo, in Spain, they have sent a perfect combination of street art and ceramics.
My heart is full of gratitude to Belén and her very talented students.
This is my first publication in 2019. I wish all the best year of life.
Belén Soto, maestra ceramisist, y sus alumnos me han honrado con un maravilloso mural.
Desde Vigo, en España, han enviado una combinación perfecta de arte callejero y cerámica.
Mi corazón está lleno de gratitud a Belén y a sus estudiantes muy talentosos.
Esta es mi primera publicación en 2019. Deseo todo el mejor año de vida.

Arcilla y fuego

Mural graffiti Mural, autor Liqen

Mural graffiti Mural, autor Liqen

En mi ciudad no todo sucede siempre como se supone que debería suceder … a veces, el alfarero y sus piezas intercambian sus papeles, y son las obras las que realmente van modelando al artista, en estos casos lo mejor es permanecer estático sobre el torno y dejar que todo gire, y gire, y gire …

Mural graffiti Mural, autor Liqen

Mural graffiti Mural, autor Liqen

Los alumnos y la profesora del Estudio de Cerámica Belén Soto quieren dedicar este post a nuestra amiga Resa McConaghy por su apoyo a nuestras obras, no ha sido fácil escoger el tema, pero pensamos que esta combinación de Graffiti y Cerámica es perfecta para ella.

El mural es una obra de Liqen en colaboración con Sam3, podéis verlo con mas detalle en el enlace:  Modelism 1, también os recomiendo una visita a su blog:  Liqen,  os gustará, él…

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39 thoughts on “Para Resa

    1. Belén makes wonderful ceramics. She’s now teaching others, and her students are all uniquely talented. I’ve been reblogging when she highlights one of her students. It’s very impressive!

  1. A wonderful way to begin 2019 – with friends who add joy and beauty to our days. I am looking forward to our ongoing journey. I love following Belen! Life is the very best with shared with kindred spirits. Happy New Year!

    1. 💥❦💥2019 💥❦💥will be an adventure, I’m sure. I like your term ongoing journey. Happy New Year, Rebecca, and the very best to you!

  2. As in the mural, sometimes my pieces are the ones that model the ceramist, they help me to be a better person and artist … and thanks to them I have met the best friend that I could imagine (now we even share a family with feathers ) 🙂 🙂 🙂
    We are very happy to know that you liked our little tribute, you deserve much more, thank you very much for sharing!!!

    1. Thank you, Belén! This was a lovely thank you, and all I did was share the wonderful work you and your students are doing. I love that you are passing your skill on. It seems your students all have talent and passion.
      Drake, Sol and Lluvia say they miss you, but they are also very happy in their Toronto nest.
      Drake says Lake Ontario is fabulous! D 😀 😀 xoxoxoxoxoxo

      1. A nest in Toronto near Lake Ontario, a designer wedding dress, a honeymoon at Niagara Falls, a promising career as a chocolatier, a beautiful baby … and a lovely mom … they are in paradise !!!!!! 😉

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