A Garden Picnic

There’s a garden picnic happening in an Alley off Queen W.

Fences #4

It’s perfect for kid’s of all ages and animal friends.

FenceS #2

FenceS #3

At a nearby public school, is another garden we can picnic at.

FenceS #6

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FenSS #10

Pics taken by Resa, August 24, 2015 & February 28, 2016

Toronto, Canada

FenceS #5


24 thoughts on “A Garden Picnic

    1. No, you never mentioned it, but I’m so glad you do. Donkeys are adorable! Of course I don’t get to see very many in real life. I’ve only met a few.

    1. It is appliqué! It is on a kids school & I’m sure they want to preserve the beautiful old brick, and at the same time make it a happier, more inviting place for children. 17 days until the equinox!!!!

    1. That was fun to watch, I do remember hearing the news flashes one new years about the plane crash & his death. I believe if he were still here, he’d yet be singing!

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