A Child & Mother

I found this child’s face on Sunday.

Artist: Shalak
Artist: Shalak

We’ve had street art for kids’ painted by: established street artists, painted by children & teens.

CPeru #4
Artist: Shalak

Now we have the image, a painting of a child…

CPeru #5
Artist: Shalak

…with its mother.

Artist: Shalak
Artist: Shalak
Artist: Shalak
Artist: Shalak
Artist: Shalak
Artist: Shalak

This is the alley. It starts w/ the child then the mother on the right. https://graffitiluxandmurals.com/2016/02/28/whats-new-alley-cat/ from GLaM’s last post is way near the end on the left side.

CPeru #10

Pics taken by Resa, February 28, 2016

Toronto, Canada

Artist: Shalak
Artist: Shalak

Shalak aka Shalak Attack is a Canadian-Chilean artist.

Artist: Shalak
Artist: Shalak

37 thoughts on “A Child & Mother

    1. It is hidden in the alley.
      Much of street art is, although not all. Of course this is why I am always walking in alleys, and why I record all of the street art on this blog. (I’m about 300 posts behind)
      This entire alley is outstanding, and there is one across the street filled with a jungle scene and birds and animals!

    1. I’m surprised that there isn’t lots of fabulous street art in L.A.? Many urban centers are supporting artists with free paint & walls. The citizen who donates the wall can pick the artist!
      The city of Philadelphia has over 3,800 murals! 😀

      1. There is street art but more in the Hipster area of my city. Which by the way, I don’t like hipsters. Plus, their art is very generic, typical, and imitation of all other arts.

        I’m so glad and happy your city is different and actually does something fresh rather than the common things.

  1. I thought this must be in Canada. I can see rage in those eyes. The same rage I feel when I read about the indigenous women who’ve disappeared in Canada. We need to talk about that and stop it from happening. And the art is just wrenching and emotional, so power-packed.

    1. Oh Brenda!
      The poor indigenous women! Many of us are trying for justice & betterment. Some others are not so nice,to say the least.
      We have a new, young & idealistic Prime Minister now. He has picked up the cause here, for the women & for the betterment of all First Nations, Inuit & Metis.
      There is a lot to say & do here!!!
      Thank you so much for this seeing comment.
      Street Art can be very political, even in all its beauty! xo

  2. Resa, I was struck by the expressions of both babe and mother. I was actually going to make a comment regarding the attitude behind. It was lovely to read both Brenda’s and your comments above. We, here in Australia, are still dealing with similar areas of discontent with our indigenous people. There are many attitudes surrounding this. Suffice to say; we are all human and in need of understanding and the right to enjoy this planet. No one race better than another. No job, education, financial status, etc., makes anyone better than another. We certainly have a way to go; however, hopefully it won’t be too long before greater acknowledgment of these truths becomes reality…

    1. I agree! We have reservations up north where they don’t even have clean fresh water & plumbing! This is a long known situation, and that it has not been dealt with by now is a national disgrace. The squalor they live in is unacceptable. Why, with the high taxes we pay, is this still a reality?
      The crooked politician scandals abound. You should see the beautiful homes they have lavishly furnished, illegally, with our money.
      I say, let them live on one of these reserves instead of going to jail for a day.

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