Woman’s Face on Pop Art BG

Found this when I went to look for a different piece.

The piece I was looking for had been fouled with urine & the word pee written all over it.

As you can see, I was still rewarded for my efforts.

However, I had to work around a parked car.

I could not get a full straight on shot.

Still, worked the 2 spots I was given.

Pics taken by Resa – March 19, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

I didn’t get a shot of the name, but it is in the lower left of this shot:

72 thoughts on “Woman’s Face on Pop Art BG

  1. Timothy Price

    Great work on a great piece of work. Doesn’t that piss you off when people pee in and on things you want to photograph? When we lived in Madrid, Spain, people peed all over the walls and on the streets, but city workers hosed down the streets and walls early every morning. Out here, where water is scarce, the alleys are not hosed down. Some of them get really foul.

    1. Thank you, Tim!
      Oh yeah…being piss off! Now, surrounded by 3 tent cities, it’s taken on a whole new meaning.
      I am thankful we have enough water to wash our streets, and house down the house!

    1. IKR! ⚡️💥
      This is a very sweet piece! I hope she lasts awhile!
      Some areas of the city are more respectful to the art, and it lasts a long time.
      This particular area has a lot of juvenile taggers. Everything eventually gets fouled. The beauty is the artists just keep fixing up the art, or painting new pieces.

    1. I adore the eyes!
      Thanks Holly! I did take a lot of pics to ensure I got some decent ones.
      Oh… There’s this other awesome face, that always has a big shiny black truck parked beside it.
      I’ve gone there twice. However, there is a gorgeous shiny black motorcycle parked there, too!
      Best… the motorcycle has been painted ,… I would describe the style as street art/Boogapony style.
      I’m going to go back again. I’m hoping no truck…just motorcycle & mural. xoxoxoxo

  2. Automobiles! Always in the way. But I like the “bubblegum” background and it’s colours. I half expected it to start boiling and bubbling like a lava lamp. I’m no Photoshop or Adobe expert but maybe the image (pop 12) could be edited using the perspective adjust tool so you can get a more squared image. Anyway, always love the pics you post and thanks.

    1. Ooo, I’ve always wanted a Lava Lamp!

      Well, you are a master of maneuvering, and I am a master of “what it is”.
      Thank you, and I adore your comment!

    1. Thanks Michael! I hope it’s not too hot! The last few summers have felt like global warming summers. Whatever, I will make the most of it!
      You take care, and enjoy the summer as well! 😀

  3. You have serendipity by your side, Resa, every time you step out your door. Brilliant mural! Did you notice the necklace? Oh, the story this mural tells. Courage, resilience, beauty and compassion.

    1. I did notice the necklace. I’m not sure I know what it means (tell me), but it goes great with the earrings.
      “Courage, resilience, beauty and compassion”… right on. You have the best interpretations of art! hugs!

    1. LOL!
      Well, at least there was no sign saying “private parking only” in the middle of the face.
      It always blows my mind where they put those signs.

    1. Thank you Marina. It is a fab piece, and I was delighted to find it!
      At least sometimes I can get a reflection shot when there’s a car.
      Hey, I’m listening to Chick Corea on your Rusty Flowers post.
      Oh… it’s ending! I’m heading back!

    1. Thanks, Gi! Cars have always been a situation with street art. Unless it’s a van parked a few inches parallel to the wall, I can capture something. 😀

  4. Really great shots, as H’of’H said above so ‘those eyes are hypnotic’. They make my think as “What do you wanna make those eyes at me for” – a over 100 yrs old evergreen, sung by really many later on.
    Canadian car owners park just as carelessly as european car owners do. 😀

    1. Oh, that’s a very cool song! I didn’t know it, but I looked it up on YouTube.
      You and HoH are right, they are very hypnotic eyes!
      Dear LDN, it seems bad parking is universal! 😀
      Take care, dear friend! xo

  5. Oh, this is gorgeous, Resa! What a beautiful piece of art, and even though the car’s in the way, you worked your magic regardless. Why people have to be so disrespectful is still a mystery. Why can’t we just all get along? Thank you for this lovely treasure. 💗💗

        1. Sick…
          but I went to Graffiti Alley today, and the street artists have done a whole lot of Black Lives Matter art. Quite interesting. Just waiting for the pics to upload!

  6. Wow, I love this! She is divine – sensual, strong, feminine, and sassy:) Also love the bubblegum-colors in the background. Fun and meaningful image! Thanks for your work Resa, it makes my day more colorful and beautiful every time I visit:) Much love and hope for no more pee-happenings!! 😉 xoxoxo

    1. She’s a beauty!
      Thank you dear Gypsy!I always appreciate your visits.
      &&& no more pee art… I hope
      xoxoxo ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎

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