Artists Paint Graffiti Alley in Support – #Black Lives Matter

 Someone painted George Floyd. Someone painted Jamal Francique. Someone painted Zianna Oliphant. Many painted “I can’t breathe”. I wanted to start this series with a portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. In the end I decided  to reveal my experience from the beginning, as I discovered this multitude of art and messages.

I entered Graffiti Alley from the west end. I was greeted by a mural of Malcom X.

“You don’t have to be a man to fight for freedom. All you have to do is to be an intelligent human being.”

After having basked in this fabulous mural for a long time, I head east into the alley.

“Breonna Taylor – Say Her Name”

This is Part One (There’s just way too, much for 1 post!)

Pics taken by Resa – June 15, 2020


Malcolm X Artist:

49 thoughts on “Artists Paint Graffiti Alley in Support – #Black Lives Matter

  1. Timothy Price

    It would have been nice if the protestors had only graffitied our historic downtown. Instead they broke the glass in every window and door not protected by gates in downtown. The vandalism and violence doesn’t help their cause. Some businesses that were already hurting from the lockdown will never reopen. I’m not sure downtown will recover. It’s sad to see all our old historic buildings on Old US 66 boarded up.

    1. That is so sad! I’m so sorry, and I never got to see the old Route 66.
      Agree vandalism hurts the cause.
      I am so not into violence.
      We had protests in some Canadian cities. They were all peaceful, from what I’ve learned.
      Graffiti Alley has been a place for graffiti and artists for many years, in Toronto. So, this is where they gathered to paint their messages, frustrations, angers and they also painted heroes.
      No fronts of buildings were fouled.
      It is quite great to see our Toronto artists practicing “Make Art, Not War”

      1. I agree, Janet. I believe Dr. King would be greatly saddened.
        Someone did a portrait of him in the alley. It will be the last post I do on this alley.
        There are many sentiments expressed in the art in this alley.

    1. Agree! The artists did a great job, whatever they were expressing. There are pieces that feel more violent, pieces of beauty and pieces of feelings of violence.
      Whatever, we had a peaceful protest here. The artists continued the voice/sentiment!
      ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎

  2. The world is changing for the better. A fine thing, Moreso that the youngsters are leading the way. That you chronicle the event in art a wonderful thing, young Resa. Regards ~ TOF

    1. Well, you know TOF, Make Art Not War!
      It might work.
      I dunno… about what the changes will turn out to be like. Yes, I am chronicling the event in art!

  3. That portrait of Malcolm X is so dramatic from the dark entrance and those white curves [his glasses] make it even more dramatic and striking! So happy to see Toronto artists practicing “Make Art, Not War”!

    1. IKR!
      It is very dramatic with his head set into a doorway!
      I’m planning to show all of the art I experienced in the alley, as it depicts a wide range of emotions of the artists. I’m so glad they took it out on walls, not violence.
      The next post’s art is quite beautiful.
      ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎
      Not bad for emojis saying Make Art Not War

  4. Can’t say it’s gone well in England, but yes. Thank you for this. And you in general. In this day and age it’s somewhat glorious, And I don’t mean the skinny jeans. Just cultural celebrations. Also, hamsters. And the jeans.

  5. The world has changed and fresh ideas and events are unfolding within an environment of complexity. What I want to remember when I look back on my life is that I chose kindness, hospitality, courage, resilience. As Epictetus said in ancient days “Don’t explain your philosophy. Embody it.”

  6. There are wrongs that need to be righted but in the right way. The problems that have led to many of the wrongs are difficult and complex. They certainly won’t be solved by violence and looting. The hard part is the next part.


    1. I totally agree! The violence and looting is ugly.
      We had a peaceful protest here, in Toronto… everywhere in Canada.
      I’m very happy the artists are expressing all of the feelings, through art in the streets.
      As I have said for a long time…Make Art Not War!
      I hope the next part goes well. As you have said, it will be the hard part.

    1. IKR! There’s a lot more in the alley. The art for the next post is beautiful & I don’t totally get it… not sure , but the beauty I get.
      I’m very happy that we had a peaceful protest in Toronto, and that the artists “Make Art Not War”
      My emoji selection for Make Art Not War:
      ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎
      ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎

      1. I love your make art not emoji. That needs to be a thing so it will be a thing for us! ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎
        ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎ xoxo

        1. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎
          ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎

    1. It was a very interesting experience, to walk through that alley.
      ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎. ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎
      How do you like my new emoji display. It means Make Art Not War.
      ✍︎🎨 ⊅⚔︎

  7. I love the art but even more than that it’s the quote that really got me. We are all humans, so let’s love one another!! It’s that basic and yet so difficult it seems for some people to do so..

    1. IKR!
      I took a break with today’s art, but I’ll be back to the Black Lives Matter posts next. There’s 2 more. The last one will be partly on MLK JR. So I end on a positive note.

  8. Wow. That is powerful, Sorceress.
    So much more effective than destruction of property (I’ll never understand the looting that too often accompanies protests – they are never the same groups and don’t help the cause.
    Love your make art not war. Brilliant

    1. I agree! We are so fortunate to have the RIGHT to protest in public.
      Looting is counter productive for any cause. There are many ulterior motives out there.
      Make Art Not War = ✍︎🎨⊅⚔︎

        1. ✍︎🎨⊅⚔︎
          Hahaha! One of the first times I tried to make something out of emojis was texting to my 20 year old niece.
          She sent an angry text back…That doesn’t make any sense!!!!!!

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