Paste-Up Power

On my walk to Graffiti Alley, I spotted this beauteous paste-up in a window.

Pasted on the inside, you can see the glue around the edges.

I adore all of the rich details.

Lo and behold, there was the beauty, again, in Graffiti Alley. I had just finished shooting what I posted yesterday.

Again, pasted-up, this time on what seems a mud cloth pattern.

There’s more art along this wall, but I’m skipping to the end of the alley. I make a  right turn, into a scaffold tunnel. It’s mostly filled with writing, and there’s not enough space to back up and photo each piece.

In this narrow tunnel, I find the beauty, again. However, this time it’s a totally new version of the paste-up.

I squished in some angled shots, as there was no room to back up for a dead on.

The details are fantastic.

Pics taken by Resa – June 15, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

60 thoughts on “Paste-Up Power

    1. I agree! I love this. I have some “Stay Home” street art tha t looks similar. Must be the same artist. I’ll post it down the road.
      Thunder, crazy me! I thought there would hardly be any art this year, due to C19.
      Wrong. I’ve got quite the stockpile. It will come in handy this winter.

        1. LOL… you have a point. ⚡️💥
          Also, they wear pretty heavy duty masks, anyway!
          Meanwhile, I’m halfway or more through my new Art Gown, am drawing pics of Boogapony and sketching out the new Art Gowns/PBH story.
          At least I’m not bored. Now what? Why are the cats crying?

          1. I have my moments 🧚‍♂️🌟
            That they do.
            Woo hoo! Can’t wait!
            Of course you’re not…
            I dunno… Are Timothy’s cats calling and you’re not picking up?

            1. You have many moments.
              I think it’s from all those challenges.⚡️💥 You’re revved up at the starting line, ready to go.
              Could be Tim’s cats, but I have 2 brats of my own.
              What??? I’m coming!

                  1. Yes. We have one. Actually, she is my eldest’s Royal pain in the ass.
                    She even likes to bug Zeke. Rubs against him, takes his bed…
                    We love her anyway ..

    1. Ahh, I hadn’t thought of that. They do paste up billboards in sections. We have 2 across the street, and I’ve watched them.
      I haven’t seen much of this style (paste-up) street art for years. It seems to be making a come back.

  1. I love this ! Gorgeous and intricate detail. Such a fantastic street artist. I haven’t seen any wall art around here … I need to go to Art Basel or just wait for you to wow us! xoxo ❤️

    1. I’ve got a lot, dear Holly! I’ve got some very neat ones ready to go, but I think I should do the Dr. King one first. We need him more than ever now, and he’s been gone 52 years.
      Great leaders are few and far between.
      Still if you go to Basel, I would love to see pics. If you don’t want to publish them on your blog, I’ll do them on mine!

      1. You do have so much amazingly beautiful wall art, it’s really awesome. I wasn’t serious about going to Art Basel. Not even sure if it’s open. Probably cause our governor is opening everything even though our covid numbers are spiking.
        It is almost impossible to find leaders like MLK and we sure do need some.
        Keep bringing the gorgeous wall art Resa but be careful out there. What I love so much about this is the gold interwoven. That’s just stunning! Love! xoxo

        1. So sad to hear your numbers are spiking!
          Ours are flat, but not going down. Too many are not social distancing properly, or wearing masks.
          I horror to think about hand sanitizing.
          SO, we are delaying the move to the 2nd phase of opening up until early July. The soonest Canada will consider opening our border with the USA is July 21.
          At least they are making it mandatory to wear masks on public transport…. soon.
          In other words, we are still largely locked down …. over 11 weeks now.
          Love xoxoxo

          1. Our governor has opened most everything. The bars, Memorial Day was a huge shoulder to shoulder beach party. We are the new epicenter. The mayor is refusing to move into phase three in Miami. The attractions are opening in central Florida. Our government is failing to contain the virus and making no effort.

  2. I wish that there was a way to preserve this amazing murals. Thank you for capturing them in photos. Did you notice the brilliant way the artist brought in symbolism and mythology? Truly remarkable!

    1. I did notice the symbolism and mythology…. and the ancient textile art of mud cloth that goes back to the 12th century. It is a remarkable piece. Like all street art, it is ephemeral. This is why I take pics. Hug-os!

    1. Agree! Or tattoos; it’s amazing how many get tattoos up the neck and onto the face!
      I always wonder what that will look like when the person is old. …… jowls with tattoos?

  3. Ah, Resa… with Hera’s celebrations I missed this. Amazing murals/paste-ups and oh, those details. That’s where it’s at, isn’t it?!!!!! 😉
    Meantime, Hera sends cake to J & J, she says they’ll love it. It’s fish! She thought of all her fury friends and ordered a fish cake! 🐾🍰🐟😋🍰🐾

    1. Agree…. details! ❦❦❦
      Fish Cake, you say! J & J will indeed enjoy that!
      Hope Hera doesn’t mind if I don’t have a piece. J & J will want to hog it all.
      X ❤ O X ❤ O X ❤ O X ❤ O
      It was a great and fun celebration!

      1. I know! Well, I didn’t have any cake either [don’t tell Hera though]… had a …fishy smell! ;-)!!!!!!
        It was great having all her [and our] friends over. She’s so happy, she’s exhausted from the celebrations!

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