56 thoughts on “Bald Eagle – National Bird of the U.S.A.

  1. Timothy Price

    That is a beautiful painting of a bald eagle. I see them flying up and down Rio Grande from time to time.

          1. Timothy Price

            I read chicken farmers have sued the government to try and recoup losses from Bald Eagle killing their chickens. The article had a photo of a tree near the chicken coop with about 30 eagles sitting in it eyeing those chickens.

    1. Yeah, a bit scary, but powerful. It is truly a majestic bird. Thank goodness they didn’t become extinct!
      (1 more gown to draw for Shey’s post!)

  2. Most excellent indeed. We don’t have any eagles in Manchester, but there are pigeons. I feel like there should be more pigeon street art. You have pigeons in Toronto, right? Or are they all just eagles?

    1. Lots of pigeons here, and pigeon street art!
      I’ve posted a few.
      OH we have hawks!!!
      That should up one on your pigeons. (I adore pigeons)

    1. Agree! I’ll say 3. The woman and centre writing is Elicser. The eagle could be… Bacon? I forget the name of the writer on the right, which is stupid because I love his writing. BG and city could be a 4th!

  3. The bald eagle is a very majestic being, portrayed in this impressive mural … I guess in reality he is looking rather pretty damn cranky facing what’s happening now in the USA.

    1. The writing that the eagle is on top of says Elicser. That is the main artist’s name. I have seen a lot of his work and writing, so it has become familiar to me.
      Take care, chuckaboo!

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