Winnipeg’s cultural murals depict herstory, history & theirstory.


HRsty #1
Artist: Mike Valcourt

This post celebrates herstory in India, Vietnam & Poland.

HRsty #6
Artist: Mike Valcourt


HRsty #2
Artist: Jill Sellers
HRsty #10
Artist: Jill Sellers


HRsty #3
Artist: Mike Valcourt
HRsty #5
Artist: Mike Valcourt

Pics taken by Resa on April 18, 2014.

Winnipeg, Canada

The Murals of Wonnipeg

Artist: Mike Valcourt
Artist: Mike Valcourt
HRsty #9
Artist: Jill Sellers
HRsty #7
Artist: Jill Sellers
HRsty #4
Artist: Mike Valcourt

27 thoughts on “Herstory

    1. Winnipeg has fantastic murals. Many are cultural, historical & of first nations. Either or both women & men are depicted. I’ll be going there in the near future to shoot murals for a week. I just got back from a Street Art Festival. It was a wonderful experience, even though it rained the first day. I took 720 shots!

  1. All so wonderful, Resa… Mike Valcourt’s work is so bold..! I love the geese.. 🙂
    I love the 3D effect of Jill Seller’s work; so intricate, soft and naturally calming and peaceful. To do this upon brickwork is astounding! 🙂
    Well captured by you.. 🙂

    1. They are wonderful pieces! 😀 Went away for a few days to a Street Art Festival. I took 720 pictures. 😀 I had soo much fun! Even the rain was a joy. 😀 xoxoxo

    1. You are welcome, Maria! I was using IPhone 4S for these shots. I now have an 6S. Maybe they will be even better now? (I just got the S6 & shot my first pics, but have not posted any, yet)

  2. Gray Dawster

    You always have the very finest
    postings Resa and it is a pleasure
    to be able to see everything that
    you add. It’s been a while since I
    last called in, in fact this is my first
    visit to WP in nearly three months
    so I am a stranger for sure.

    You have a fantastic Tuesday my
    lovely friend and thank you for the
    visits to my space while I’ve been
    absent. Hopefully I will be getting
    back here a lot sooner next time 🙂

    (((HUgs))) Andro xxx

    1. Hello to you, Andro!
      We visit blogs when we have time. Never worry, as it is lovely to see you whenever you pop by! Will stop by your blog in the near future to see what’s up. Take care & much love my friend!
      Resa xoxo {{{hugs}}}

    1. Such is Canada… diverse, especially in the details! Although slow moving, our main detail that we are making good on is our First Nations, Aboriginals and Metis.

  3. The Vietnam mural is my favourite, I love the celebrations of other cultures that always appear on street art. These days our global nature makes it easier to get involved in another culture.

    1. Canada is all cultures. If we did not have immigrants we would have negative population growth. I know England is lush with many cultures. The UK is a huge inspiration to me.

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