Whale of a Wild Time

Center Pieces – North side of the underpass on Bloor at Dufferin.

Artist: Sight
Artist: Sight

Here, there are stairs up to the subway station! The Whale is almost at the stairs. The Goat is along the stairs.

Whale #12

A lot of fun was had painting the stairwell!

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A tagger dishonored this gorgeous Ox.

Whale #0c

I tried to clean it up for a better look.

Whale #0

The Artist’s signature..

Whale #0b

Sight’ signature

Whale #6

Here’s Soy’s signature

Whale #5

“Soy” what if he is at the edge of the staircase! LOL

Artist: Soy
Artist: Soy

Pics taken by Resa, June 21 , 2015

Toronto, Canada

1DU #7
I counted 43 names here!

17 thoughts on “Whale of a Wild Time

    1. ⭐ Soy I’m late in replying to you…. lol
      I’ve had a new biz proposal…. my head is spinning… need to think!
      have a wonderful weekend! _Resa xo

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