Welcome to Dog Fountain!

Meow! I am your cat host for this special post about Dog Fountain.

When Resa arrived, this was what she saw. She was somewhat flummoxed as she realized she would have to shoot around the sculpture on a sunny day.

Street Art is flat. This was a new challenge.  Pics were taken at 1/4 points around the circle.

The fountain was built in 2017. You’ll see a lot of erosion for 4 years. Here’s the first 2 dogs Resa saw!

She worked her way around the base of the fountain.

Oh look! There I am, watching all of the dogs. Notice the golden bone atop the fountain!

Resa’s fave dog….. after me, the cat. Resa adores me.

This is a cute dog.

Round about the fountain go!

A cutie-pie!

So ends around Dog Fountain.

The last Doggie… on the ground.

Here’s a slideshow of the doggies in the fountain , on the first tier and on the second tier.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Yeah! I’m the cat Resa saw on the way out!

Pics taken by Resa – September 27, 2021

Toronto, Canada


104 thoughts on “Welcome to Dog Fountain!

    1. I hope the sculptures get restored.
      Poor doggies. Wet most of spring, all summer and part of fall. Then the frozen winter. It’s only 4 years old. They must have planned for it?
      ………………….. Then again…………………

    1. Yes! This little parkette is so peaceful around this fountain. Yet, it is in the heart of the city.
      The pets are loving us back!
      I need to find out about the artist. xoxoxo

            1. I’m waiting for the sun to come out so I can take pics. There was music…and I finally felt like drawing. That “incident” put me off, but I drew last night!

    1. Lol, Thank you, Dave!
      Thing is; there were a lot of pics to express the fountain. I didn’t want to bore, so made a brief commentary via the cat.
      The entertaining part means a lot to me.

        1. Yeah! It’s amazing what a simple trip to a park with a fountain can ignite.

          OH… and I saw the best mural on the way home. Hopefully I’ll go Sunday. (rain dependent)

  1. Timothy Price

    I love the doggie-go-round fountain. What a clever idea. Your photos are fantastic. You really captured the wetness and water movement very well. Of course, it’s best told from a cat’s perspective. The Kitty on the mirror is wonderful, also, I noticed you got some closeups of one of Hera’s kin.

          1. Hello Resa, I don’t want to offend but I think Timothy may be slightly mistaken. The white dog (the cutie pie) looks more like an English Bull Terrier – a Pitbull has smaller triangular ears which fold over at the tips. Also the face of a pitbull is broader with a distinct muzzle, while the English Bull Terrier has a face with a muzzle that blends with the forehead.

                1. Hi there, I am a dog fan too. My family had Lassie type Collie dogs, rescue dogs, and we had Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Unfortunately we had the “Staffie” dogs during a time when there was a lot of outrage because of a wave of “Dangerous Dog Attacks” involving dogs that the UK authorities called “Pitbull types”. However it was the American type Pitbull dogs and not the English and Staffordshire breeds that were responsible but because they are similar at a glance people would see our Staffordshires and get angry thinking they were “killer” animals.
                  And it was down to how American types were bred compared to how the English breeds were developed that separates them, sadly American Pitbulls are prone to being “snappy and aggressive” if not trained well. Though all dogs have potential to be over protective….but they are fabulous companions if cared for properly.

                  1. The Collie is one of my fave dogs, Lassie types and border Collies. I also adore German Shepherds.
                    I understand. There were incidents here, and in 2005 new ownerships of Pitbulls were banned in Ontario.
                    Any animal can be a killer, when put into a bad situation.
                    I’ve seen some very aggressive cat behaviours, usually when there is a litter being protected.

                    1. Hi there, yes Lassie type Collies are amazing. The one we had named Shep, used to play soccer with us when I was child and he was quite large. My father stood over 6ft tall but Shep could stand on his hind legs and place his front paws on my Dad’s shoulders to lick his face! But he was a gentle animal.
                      Now, some of the cats my in-laws have owned were a whole different matter…some were highly protective as you mention around birthing time and bringing up young.

  2. Timothy Price

    Laurie said “At least they are not peeing in the fountain.” A bunch of dogs lifting their legs would be pretty funny. Cats spraying in a fountain would work, also.

    1. Laurie is funny! Toronto’s public outdoor art budget would never have paid for the dogs peeing idea.
      So, they paid for the dogs vomiting idea.
      Elephants spraying trunks would be cool. Although, this parkette could hold 2….3 tops if crowded properly, elephants. No room for a watering hole…etc.

    1. It is wonderful! Hmm, wonder why the Slideshow is black? It’s fine here.
      Anyway, it was a different experience shoot around something. I might try another sculpture!

  3. Oh, Resa – this is a clever fountain. I had to do a Google search for more info. In 2017, Berczy Park, in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood, had a makeover that included a fountain by landscape architect Claude Cormier.

    “The fountain features 27 cast iron dogs, one scared-looking cat, a lone bone, and it’s fittingly located in area frequented by condo dwellers and their furry friends.”


    Love your photos!!

    1. Thanks for the link, Rebecca!
      I should have included it. I’ll add it at the end of the post!

      I hadn’t been to Berczy park since the makeover. I usually make a couple of trips to that part of the city each summer, to find new street art.
      However, in 17 &18 I was travelling even further east, west and north, as the art kept creeping wider abroad into different communities.
      I kept saying I would go to the park to see the fountain, and search the market area (I’ve heard of an entire laneway project by the market) then Covid hit.
      It’s a long haul on public transport, that I’m not willing to make during the virus.
      Yay, on this day, I got a ride there and back.

      Since C hit I’ve only gone where my legs will take me, which is up to 4 hours of walking.

      One the way back, I spotted a gorgeous massive mural within the 4 hours. Will try to make the trip Sunday.
      There’s so much art that I haven’t been able to get this last year and a half. It makes me a bit crazy thinking about it.

      I’m going to find the posts I did of the park prior to the change.
      It was odd to photograph sculpture. It was a learning experience. Haha! Also on the way home, I kept seeing all this sculpture.
      A new zone has opened up for me!

      1. I would love to see the before and after photos, Resa. Those before pictures are treasures, because you have captured what once was, and would have been forgotten if it weren’t for your photos. These days, our legs are the best transport system, plus walking allows us to think, to observe, to reflect. When I walk, I remember stories. Looking forward to that gorgeous massive mural with the 4 hours. I’ll be thinking of you this Sunday. Sending many hugs and love across the mountains and prairies!!!

          1. Thank you for the link – I love before/after photos. You are amazing, Resa and dedicated to artists who give us stories, by remembering their work. Mural artists bring art to where we live, knowing that their work will be temporary, compared to the art that is housed indoors. They allow their work to be exposed to the elements, the sun and to the possibility of a building being demolished. 1,400 posts! Brilliant!!

            1. Of course I’m planning a BIG 1500 posts celebration! Yes, that’s a way away, but I’m thinking Boogapony will host. I never know what I’m going to draw. Might as well have a long wish list!
              Hey, someone sent me street art from Kiev and Chernobyl!!!

    1. I adore this fountain. Crazy, but I haven’t been to that, and many other parts of the city since C landed.
      N took me! It was such a sweet trip with him! xoxo

      1. Well, it looks a wonderful trip. it is a fab fountain. I love it. I like quirky things like this. We don’t have a quirky fountain here but we have metal penguins, a row of them and people dress them up. They knit them matching scarves and things!

  4. Oh, wow… seriously??!!!!!! What a lovely idea!!! I love each and every pup …and kitty and oh that bone!!!
    The fountain of slobbery love!!!!!
    YAY!!!!! Now I have Hera wanting to visit!!

    1. OH DEAR! I should have known! Of course, it’s all about slobbery love!
      I fear there might not be enough sponges on the planet.
      Tell Hera it’s all about her and her friends, and give her a kiss for me!

    1. It was a fun day for me. I adore this fountain. N drove me, and waited. He doesn’t usually have time.
      I’m not ready to sit on public transport for as long as it takes to get there, and back. Terrifying!

      On the way home, I noticed a lot of sculptures. I might take pics of those, every so often.

  5. Oh, I love this fountain, Resa, since I’m a dog mommy. 🙂 And that bone at the top is priceless. Such a unique piece of art that hopefully will get some love and care very soon. ❤️❤️

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