Gold Moon Dragon

I have no idea what a dragon by a gold moon means.

If anyone knows, please let me know!

What is that thing the dragon holds?

I was thrilled to find this.

Pics taken by Resa – September 1, 2021

Toronto, Canada

The artist:

92 thoughts on “Gold Moon Dragon

  1. beautiful, Resa. Thanks for sharing. I looked up a gold moon dragon, didn’t find anything clear. Maybe a video game? (Of which I know nothing).
    Maybe you should a Chinese friend or follower?

    1. Very cool. And maybe, it’s just because? As to what’s in it’s claws, I would say pineapple but there is no greenery… I might think it would could be breadfruit?
      No matter the reasoning behind this beauty is it that. Beauty!

  2. The thing in the dragon’s hands might be an artichoke. If so this mural might be a play on the artist Stanley Morrison who depicted different dragons in different garden veggies and one was an artichoke. Of course, who knows? Goldmoon is a fantasy character with plenty of dragons too. Again, who knows. Thanks for the mural photos, Resa.

        1. Agree! It can be very political. When the George Floyd thing happened, there was a massive artist turn out and they painted 2 blocks of alleys. I posted most of the art.
          Every piece was a political statement.

  3. Timothy Price

    Definitely a cool looking, beuatiful dragon. John is right about Goldmoon. It could be an egg its holding. A lovely and mysterious find.

  4. Hi Resa, I’m not sure of the significance of the golden moon but I think the dragon is grasping a dragon’s egg. Their eggs are often depicted as having these diamond cut scales and artisan crafters have started making illuminated resin sculpts of these eggs with LEDs or Tea Light candles inside.

          1. I wouldn’t be too sure that they only exist in imagination, there are some pretty big lizards and creatures (Kimodo Dragons for instance) around planet Earth and a lot of earth hasn’t been explored yet. They might be lurking.

  5. I thought it might be the dragon’s egg, too–though I didn’t know anything about their depiction. I thought perhaps the artist liked the colors of the gold rather than yellow–or perhaps it is not a moon, but a gong or a shield? in any case, it’s a cool find! πŸ˜€

    1. Cool comment, Merril!
      Oddly, this dragon has prompted much discussion.
      Dragons appear to be real. Not sure if they are, but there is so much ado about them that …. who knows. they could be really great at evasion. πŸ˜€

  6. Oh, Resa, I love this! Have I ever mentioned, I adore dragons?! Well, I do and this one stands beautifully against a golden moon holding a… golden pineapple?!!!! Beautiful details too [the bubble like patterns on his body and wings / tail]. Great find, dahling!

    1. I find this painting wonderful.
      Are you born in a Year of the Dragon?
      I adore dragons, too!
      There is something exciting about them. Dahling, I think they might exist in real life, but have evaded discovery all these eons.

      1. It is!!!!!!
        I’m afraid not… Rooster was my year…. not a great fan! πŸ“I’d love to be a Dragon!
        Oh, they do exist but they know better than to live with humans! πŸ˜‰

  7. I like the way the tail extends outside the frame, Resa. The dragon is clearly (?) holding an egg. I’m less certain about the gold moon. In Chinese culture the golden moon symbolizes coming together and reunion. The dragon symbolizes luck, strength, and good health… so perhaps… the mural symbolizes the end of the pandemic (?) new beginnings and once again gathering in health and strength. That would be lucky indeed!

    1. OH YES! I sure hope it’s lucky!
      I adore your interpretation. You are amazing.
      Gold moon & dragon, now for the golden pine cone looking thing!
      Thank you Diana!

  8. Oh dear Resa!! My first reply is my typing error.I want to say that red dragon of China is feared from powerful countries and imitating to show as he is taking interesting only in International trade.In his hand golden coin but it is fake.that is a you agree with me?plz reply.

    1. Interesting interpretation, Aruna!
      I do agree with you. However, unless I meet the artist, I’ll never know.
      Also, there are many great ideas here in comments. This includes yours.
      Thank you so much, and stay healthy!

  9. This is such an interesting mural, Resa. The details are incredible.
    I really like the way certain things are outlined such as the eyes.
    I do love a challenge. I had to snoop around the WWW to see what I could find out about this cute lil dragon. He’s too cute to be scary.
    Well :
    1. I think he’s holding a Dragon Fruit; sometimes, known as a strawberry pear or pitaya.
    It’s quite a nutrtious fruit. Loaded with all kinds of healthy things. I must look for them.

    2. The year of the Gold Dragon has elements that are natural and straightforward due to their continually changing emotions. They live a peaceful and harmonious family life. People should care for their elders and pay more attention to their health. Β©

    I’m assuming anyone who lives at this residence or the artist that created this beautiful masterpiece must follow some type of Chinese culture.

    Hey … thanks for posting, and Be Safe 😷 … Isadora 😎

    1. Brilliant comment, Isadora!
      This painting has piqued a lot of minds here. I didn’t know there was a year of the gold dragon. Thank you! i’ll check it out!
      Dragon fruit sounds very plausible. I’ll have to look for one. I may have actually eaten one many years ago. It sounds familiar!

      Thanks for dropping by. You came for a good one! xx

  10. I have come late to the party, but what a marvelous party and discussion, Resa. I’m with Marina on my love for dragons. I had to look this symbol up and recall my discussions at the Chinese New Year – always exciting. It seems that golden dragons correlate to powerful sun deities or deities of the harvest, which fits perfectly with our autumn time. Here’s from an internet search: β€œMuch like bronze dragons, they have sturdy, strong exteriors. Illumination and revelation lie at the heart of a gold dragon. Gold dragons symbolize prosperity and wealth.” There is a saying that β€œDragons teach us that if we want to climb high we have to do it against the wind.” Another wonderful mural!!!

    1. Love you dear Meece!
      No worries.
      I usually get an email when you post or reblog, but not today! I got an email about Shey’s post. The entire system only works so/so!
      I made an Epub book out of one of the PBH adventures. I’ll send it shortly. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. A dragon’s egg seems the most popular!
      It’s always fun to share street art.
      I never know what who will like, or not.
      The beauty of art.
      Oh, also, many street artists are actually tattoo artists to make an income! πŸ˜€ xo

      1. We went to Mere in the county of Wiltshire in the south west. A charming area…gentle, sunny and relaxing (with no feasable internet). For what it’s worth I posted a brief tale on WP plus some snaps I took on a post yesterday. ‘Tis got to hear from you. Regards, TOF

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