The Twelve Days of Chickmas

The Best Chickmas song ever! The Twelve Days of Chickmas – by Georgiann Carlson

Let’s pretend we sang the whole song, and now it’s the Twelfth Day of Chickmas. Let’s sing it out loud!!

🎵 On the twelfth day of Chickmas 🎶 my true love sent to me 🎵








🎵 🎵 🎵 FIVE GOLD RINGS 🎵 🎵 🎵





This is one of the sweetest, cutest, smartest and creative 12 days…ever!

To see many more Chicklets (© Georgiann Carlson) posts go the the category link CHICKMAS

🌹💙🌹 Thank you, Gigi 🌹💙🌹

62 thoughts on “The Twelve Days of Chickmas

  1. This is the BEST rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas (I mean Chickmas), Resa! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I’ll be singing it all day long. Thank you for a wonderful Christmas Eve celebration. Hugs and love coming your way.

  2. Merry Christmas dear Resa! This is so adorable, I just love the Chicklets and a Chickmas Christmas! I also love that festive gown that cries out for cheerful celebration 🎉 !
    Thank you Resa and Gigi. You’ve made my day! 🎄🎁

    1. I adore the Chicklets, too!
      Gi has really sweetened up my life with her huggable characters.
      I guessed 14 Chicklets in the car. I was wrong. If you haven’t made a guess, it’s more than 14.
      You and Gi, have made my day!
      As I said to Dale the other day;
      🎼 Jack Frost roasting on an open fire 🔥
      🌰 Chestnuts nipping at your nose 🎼

      1. Well, those Chiclets are pretty packed in and it’s hard to tell the way they are having such a good time, Popping up here and there, an optical illusion! I’m going to say there 9 !

    1. Thank you, Mike!
      I do enjoy an Old Fool, every now and then. The problem is they are like eating peanuts. Once I have one, I can’t stop! 😀

      1. Peanuts! Now there’s a thing, young Resa. There’s a thing indeed. Shirl’s younger brother exploded from scoffing vast numbers of peanuts as a small child. Sat in the back of his father’s car he chanced upon a sizable carton of said peanuts. One by one he ate the lot. It is thought he consumed three to four hundred nuts. Not long after that, save for…I’m told on good authority…his ears and navel, the remnants of the eruption vacated his body through all other orifices. The car was never the same, although her brother lived to eat another day. A true tale, by the way. I trust you enjoyed your Christmas. For my part I have a mild hangover. Regards, The Old Fool

  3. Lol – Fantastic! Thank you for the fun, and Happy Holidays to you and yours, Resa! I am so sorry for the late revisit, and hope you had a wonderful celebration of the festive days! Be well, stay save, and have fun!!! Michael

    1. She’s awesome.
      There are so many neat people out here. It’s not possible to stay 100% in touch with everyone 100% of the time.
      I do my best, without stress!

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