Birdo Birds

Obviously I was thrilled to find this!

Fresh paint by Birdo, a fave of mine, and one of the very first street artists I ever met.

Timothy Price is the only person I know who has a parrot…2 parrots I believe.

How could I not think of him when I discovered this?

Pics taken by Resa – November 8, 2022

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

103 thoughts on “Birdo Birds

    1. Aww, Sweet Pea!
      Sweet Pea and Meece.
      This is a fab find. The paint was all fresh and bright.
      I hadn’t found a Birdo for awhile. He’s gained international fame, and gets commissions like painting the flat roof of a massive building that you need to be in a helicopter to see.

  1. Timothy Price

    Birds and a rose by Brido. Perfect! So well painted. We have two parrots: a Gold Capped Conure, Beaker,who looks similar to the parrot in the mural. Beaker is 30 years old, 10 years beyond the average life expectancy for Conures in captivity. Conures average life expectancy in the wild is six years because of predators. Beaker doesn’t talk, but he is very good and telling us what he wants. He has us very well trained to wait on him hand and foot. And we have a foul beaked African Grey parrot, Søren, who enjoys cursing at the cats and us. He has an excellent vocabulary, and great sense of birdy humor (he laughs at all my stupid jokes).

    1. Beaker is the colourful one, yet I always remember the name Søren. It’s hard to forget.
      I think I’ll remember now. Søren swears!!!
      Beaker is the beauty. 10 years longer than expected is because he has a wonderful home.
      Hahaha, laughs at your jokes, eh? Well, before you moved out of downtown Albuquerque, you found some pretty funny things to post, so your jokes must be laughs a lot. xx

    1. Jerry aka Birdo was one of the first street artists I ever met. He was painting with Mr. Tensoe 2 in the alley behind my home.

      It is a fabulous mural. I love it! Hugs!

  2. Hi Resa, yet another fab find of feathered friends! That plumage looks so 3 dimensional and wispy I kept expecting the birds to move off the wall/screen. I’ve mentioned before the Budgies I had and the African Grey parrot my neighbour owned – I just wish I could own another bird now. Thanks once again for a great share.

    1. Birdo paints great birds, amongst other animals and people. He’s chosen a unique art route for himself, and it has made him a popular street artist.
      Why can’t you own another bird?
      Anyway, glad you got to see this. Look forward to the new saber!

      1. Hi Resa, well I only live in a small apartment on the top floor of a high rise tower so have little space to let a bird fly around indoors, but I also have a low immune system that would be aggravated by allergies to bird feathers and down etc. Thankfully you and Birdo provide me with lovely “virtual birds” to look at and admire!

  3. Oh, these are gorgeous!!!!! Birdo has done such a brilliant job! Great composition and details! What a find, dahling! Hera loves it too!

    1. Thank you, dahling! Birdo is a fave of mine. He’s truly a unique artist.

  4. I love that fine detail on the birds’ feathers. Birdo captures the texture and softness beautifully. Thanks for sharing another lovely piece of street art, Resa. They seem to be everywhere in your city. 🙂

    1. Diana,
      Yes, there’s art everywhere, but you have to go out, walk and find it.
      3 – 4 hours is required on a good scout.
      Climate change is a killer. Most of the summer was so hot and muggy that a one hour walk could make me ill.
      Now, it’s so cold and windy, again 1 hour is the limit.
      It will be just above freezing tomorrow, so I’m hoping for 2 hours!

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