It’s a Dog’s Life

Good ARFternoon! As a monocle wearing dog, I look much smarter than other dogs.

However, looks and brains  aren’t everything. Heart is also most important.

So, my pals & I are here to tell you about three people and 53 shelter dogs that survived a plane crash.

We found this important information on John Howell’s Good News Friday Post

No dogs jump over the moon, in the post.


However. you will be over the moon when you read how some of the dogs got adopted by their rescuers.

Thank you for the Good News, John!

I feel like pawing out cigars to celebrate, but I can’t seem to get off the fence about the whole smoking thing. I assure you, I don’t inhale!

Pics taken by Resa – 2018 – 2022

Toronto, Canada

Assorted Artists including:

Birdo, Mr. Tensoe 2, Cash Akoza, Nick Sweetman


88 thoughts on “It’s a Dog’s Life

  1. Timothy Price

    What a fantastic array of dog murals. Lover the dog jumping over the moon with howls below and the puppy with the cap and bird. I had a Saint Bernard many years ago. They are all great.

    1. Thank you, Tim! The dog with the monocle is in a private business parking. It has a big chain link gate keeping the unwanted out. I’ve been walking by those dogs for years. Finally, the gate was open.
      I went in and took the pics. Someone came out and growled at me, but I would not be deterred!!!
      I love all the doggies, too! xx

  2. A beautiful post, Resa. I love those dogs. You photos are their usual high quality. I also love the link to my Friday post which I’m not sure I can thank you enough. Okay that’s enough. ♉️ Look what I found an OX Rune or something.OX OX OX OX

  3. Monocles and heart are where it’s at. And can you believe everyone survived? I told John when you see plane crash news, it’s never going to end up good. And then it did and wow! After which the news got better and better.

    Great gallery to a soulful story, Resa.

  4. Resa, wonderful to read your post, see the great dog art, and then click to John Howell’s site for the details on all those canines and humans miraculously surviving that plane crash — and the adoption aftermath.

  5. Great photos of some cool murals. Thanks for the link to John’s post. Double rescued dogs. I like the pup who chose the Deputy chief – Now that I found you, you ain’t getting away from me, mister.

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  7. This is so cute and clever. I love the American Bull Dog with cigar! It’s heartbreaking so many dogs waiting to be adopted. I’m sure it was incredibly sad when some of these pet owners were forced to give up there pets for various reasons over the past few years. They just got a batch of over 200 here at the humane society. Wish I could adopt them. xoxoxo

    1. Thanks Meece!
      It’s about time I did another dog post.
      I know! Dogs are so adorable, and there are way too many without homes.
      The story was hopeful, though.

      Was drawing last night. The band played some really different things. Hmm… have to go see what I drew. I did AGM Holly like Veronica Lake, and Dale as Carmen Miranda.

        1. The band was great! I finished Holly Lake, and am close to finished Carmen Dale. It’s dark, cold and bleak here. What else is new.
          Will take pics on. the 1 sunny day scheduled for the weekend.
          I was thinking Barbara Stanwyck for Gi? OR Lana Turner?
          I started Loretta Young for Shey… but not sure.. will send that pic as well.
          Doing RR as a Rita and Ava.

          Marlene Dietrich – Marina.
          Still so many more!

  8. Great stuff. Behold the magnificent monocled malamute.

    Next, a pince-nez pekingese, or a four-eye foxhound, or a spectacled springer perhaps…


  9. I caught that post over at John’s. No one, two-footed or four, was seriously injured, and that’s great news. The adoptions were the feel-good icing on the cake. Great art, Resa. Dogs are a girl’s best friend. ❤

  10. “Good ARFternoon” had me laughing as soon as your post appeared. John’s Good News post is really a GREAT News post. I love stories like that, and I love these murals by the assortment of artists. What could be better than dogs not only able to howl at the moon, but jump over it!

    1. LOL! I think you live in a great place. You have nature. We both have art. We both get beauty each in our own way.
      If we didn’t have so much street art in Toronto, it would be almost unbearable for me…. just grey cement and steel.
      Have you recovered?
      Be well Eunice!

      1. I get it we have forests, lakes and the ocean but all that beautiful street art is amazing and yes I think I am healed pretty good we will see as snow will need to be moved whenever it arrives 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  11. And this is why you are so wonderful, Resa. You are beautiful and generous and wonderful. I cannot decide which dog I like best.. so I won’t.
    Fantabulous to hook up to John’s post, Sorceress! You are the best!

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