Is This Handy or What?

Found this in the East End, off Gerrard near Parliament.

Hand #1

It’s on a side wall of a second hand store, by the parking lot.

Hand #6

This looks pretty neat when you enlarge it!


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Hand #2

Hand # 6b

Pics taken by Resa, March 22, 2016

Toronto, Canada

Hand #9

30 thoughts on “Is This Handy or What?

    1. It’s a wonderful mural, and I am so with you on the reflections!
      I think all the reflection shots I’ve taken alone…not the full actual shots…are a wonderful coffee table book. Don’t forget to take some when you find a car blocking the way.
      I adore how you love this art the way I do! ❤

    1. Hey Charlie,
      Just love your recent posts. 🙂 I’m having internet issues. They seem 80% fixed. Keep on writing your exciting poetry! 🙂

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