50 thoughts on “Melania?

  1. Nice portrait, if it is her, maybe her other half could be painted on a wall….at the Mexican border….and see how long before it would be defaced or covered with graffitis if facing Mexico….

    1. I agree, it is amazing painted. I really think it’s her, but who knows? I’ll try to get back one day in case it’s not finished. There might be more info.

  2. Disagree that it’s Melania. Melania would have more pucker and pose. And she’s more beautiful. I kinda like Melania. Talk about a silver lining in an orange cloud.

    1. LOL!
      She is very beautiful.
      I thought maybe not, only because she would have earrings.
      However, the painting may not be finished.
      I’ll try to get back there.

    1. I can’t even look at him with my eyes closed. You know, I did a TV movie about him for ABC about 15 years ago. A bit embarrassing, now, but back then it was a fab pay check!

    1. It is a beautiful face, ⚡️💥, whoever it is. I’m always impressed with how the artists do way oversized faces on brick. How do they get the proportions? I thought maybe they use projection, but when I see them, they are freehand spraying.

    1. There are some amazing artists painting in the streets. As there are not enough art buyers, or folks going to small art gallery shows, why not the street? At least they get seen. Some have been discovered and have gone on. xo

      1. What a very clever way to advertise. I never thought of it from that perspective, Resa. Nice to know these artists (some) have been discovered because they rightfully deserve it. xo

    1. I can agree! However, I’d like to know what the artists is thinking. It’s difficult enough to do portraits, let alone larger than life on a brick wall. I will get back there!

  3. Great pix Resa. Maybe it’s her, I’m not sure I like her very much. Though I suspect when all this is over, we will probably learn she was permanently abused by “the Tramp”.
    Thx for the post.

    1. Someone suggest the mural lady looks happier Re: the viral photo of her looking at Canada’s Trudeau. Off to your blog, to see who is headlining the next concert!

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