Great Performances

I heard of an interesting mural. When I got there, the building was torn down, & new construction underway.

I wandered lonely as a cloud, through high-rises and their lanes.

I turned into a parking lot, and found art performance fame.

High-rises, and the areas they are located in, are not prime street art venues.

Look how high up (about 18 stories) & huge this beauty is!

Did the best I could with my Iphone camera.

Two days later, and I’m still feeling the find.

Pics taken by Resa- September 2, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artist is unknown to me, at this time.

This mural looks freshly done, so a plaque might be going up soon.

48 thoughts on “Great Performances

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    1. Thanks, Lonely! It is really spectacular to see it in person.
      I found lots of street art that day, but nothing like this. A great 2.5 hour walk, all in all!

        1. Whodaladylol…Youdaladylolol!

          Man, I went to Pink to exchange some tights. It’s 1 street car straight along Queen St. I forgot the TIFF started. Complete main traffic arteries …BLOCKED, in the heart of Toronto. I figured it would be faster on King.
          King street is a carnival of Brands and food trucks. It’s insanity, with free popcorn from LYFT. I think someone thought I was an older movie star. Hats and sunglasses have that effect
          I’m starting to calm down. xx

            1. Lyft is promoting itself, along with many brands at the Film Festival. It’s quite shameless, really. When you walk through the carnival of the festival, you don’t see much about the movies, but you see water brands (in plastic bottles) make-up brands (get a free makeover) TV stations/streamers, food brands, upcoming theatrical releases that are not in the festival and so much more.

              Anyway, it seems like you were spared the worst Dorian could offer. I’m glad for you, but the Bahamas is an unmitigated disaster. Still, it sounds like you went through a tense week! Big hugs!!! xx

  2. I love serendipity. When we start on one journey, the universe chooses another one for us. There is a energy that flows between the dancer, the musician, the onlooking faces and colours. Graceful elegance….

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