Kosmic Butterflies

This would be a Supernova Butterfly.

By Art Child

This could be a butterfly collected, from earth, by an investigative race from outer space.

.. and now for an alien butterfly.

Pics taken by Resa –  July 24, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:

51 thoughts on “Kosmic Butterflies

    1. Hmm, thinking of your headers, I can see why you like the first one.
      It is a very amazing painting. It took me awhile, staring at it, to see the butterfly.

    1. They are are really something, each in their own way. It seems that this was the summer of butterflies in alleys, so I extra love different takes on the theme.

          1. Timothy Price

            If you do 12 to 13 over lapping photos in portrait orientation, I can put them in a 360º panorama and create a 360º virtual tour of the painted block. Start a 12:00, snap a photo. Holding your camera at the same level, turn your body and camera to 1:00 and snap another photo. Continue until you are back to 12:00. Send me the photos and I’ll put it all together for you. It would be fun.

            1. WoW! That sounds great. I just need to get back to that alley, or who knows, I may find another one, or revisit a different alley. There are several painted alleys in the city… maybe more…
              So portrait orientation is? when I hold the IPhone camera up & down… vertical, or sideways, horizontal? I’m thinking up & down.

  1. Awesome Resa! That is definitely sonic, the garage door is amazing, can you imagine living across the street from that, seeing it every morning. It’s so beautiful, the entire artwork is stunning. Thank you Resa, love this! ❤

    1. You should see the entire alley! It is completely painted, both sides for an entire block. It’s spectacular! ❤
      So, I spent from noon 'til now working on the new Art Gown. So much yet, to do. However, it's off to an excellent start. Sewing by hand is very time consuming, but very Zen. I'm so relaxed!!

        1. xoxo, yeah! I’m doing a really different drape. If this works out, I’ll think I’m genius. I’ve been doing hand pricked curved tucks from under the bust to the centre back an hour a day for a week.
          This is because I’m attempting a Tango feel, on a Judy.
          Of course after the black under gown is done, the red velvet is up!

            1. Me too! Still, lots of sewing!I want to make some frothy lace… flowers… bursts… I’m not sure. I need the velvet to be working in, then I’ll go for it. You had also mentioned silver… black, red and silver. I have a slew of vintage silver buttons someone gave me. They could do for flower or burst centres. We will see!

    1. Butterflies are amazing creatures of earth. Ask Hera! She knows about the beauty of nature!

  2. For me, butterflies symbolize transitions into the unknown, of becoming enhanced because of our experiences, our learning. These doors were meant to be butterflies. One of my most favourite poems about butterflies is “Butterfly Laughter” by Katherine Mansfield:

    In the middle of our porridge plates
    There was a blue butterfly painted
    And each morning we tried who should reach the
    butterfly first.
    Then the Grandmother said: “Do not eat the poor
    That made us laugh.
    Always she said it and always it started us laughing.
    It seemed such a sweet little joke.
    I was certain that one fine morning
    The butterfly would fly out of our plates,
    Laughing the teeniest laugh in the world,
    And perch on the Grandmother’s lap.

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