Lucky Kitty, Tiger, Panda & Dragon

 This is a tiger kitten who grew into a bigger tiger.

Artists: Bacon, Wunder, Tensoe2, Cruz1

The Chinese “Lucky Kitty”!

Artists: Bacon, Wunder, Tensoe2, Cruz1

 I thought, “Yay, cats!” and thought of Georgiann when I found this.

Artists: Bacon, Wunder, Tensoe2, Cruz1

Ooo, the cats side by side. That’s very lucky!

Artists: Bacon, Wunder, Tensoe2, Cruz1

Then, there’s a lucky Panda. I  love Pandas.

Artists: Bacon, Wunder, Tensoe2, Cruz1

OMG! A lucky dragon!

Artists: Bacon, Wunder, Tensoe2, Cruz1
Artists: Bacon, Wunder, Tensoe2, Cruz1

Working my way back to capture the 3 writings.

Artists: Bacon, Wunder, Tensoe2, Cruz1
Artists: Bacon, Wunder, Tensoe2, Cruz1
Artists: Bacon, Wunder, Tensoe2, Cruz1

A very lucky mural, all in all! (It blows up a bit if clicked)

Artists: Bacon, Wunder, Tensoe2, Cruz1

Pics taken by Resa – April 22, 2018

Toronto, Canada

Lucky Artists:


34 thoughts on “Lucky Kitty, Tiger, Panda & Dragon

    1. I got very lucky on Sunday! I found many pieces of street art. I may have used up my luck on street art that day,because I didn’t win the lottery that night.
      Yes, these are all gorgeous creatures. I always say to my friends, if I was in the wild, and met a tiger, it would roll over and purr. I would rub its tummy and we would bond.
      Why does everyone think it would eat me? xx

      1. Well, hopeflly you will win the next lottery! You hit the lotto on street art!! What say we take a big Porterhouse Steak with us into the wild and offer it as a gesture of good will to the Tiger, then run like hell. xx

        1. Yes, yes, the P steak sounds like a good ploy, but what about rubbing its tummy and bonding? I’m not so good at running. Walking fast….okay. Perhaps several P steaks? I want to get in with the pride and play with the kittens! xx

          1. Mana tigers don’t like us messing with their babies. I can distract her with the p steak while you cuddle the cubs then we’ll switch till she gets that we just want to bond. How bout It?

  1. I love all the cats. Thank you so much for getting all the lovely kitties. And I’m all for rubbing their tummies but it might be a bit problematic. I can’t even get Emmie to roll over and let me do it. Maybe tigers would be more accommodating. This is such a great mural. ❤

  2. Groovy one, this. That cat dude thing, there’s a working model of that in one of my favourite restaurants in Manchester. I always look at it whenever I’m paying the bill at the counter and go: “I want one.” Sometimes I don’t pay and just run out, of course.

  3. Yeah! Who needs museum with all this spectacular street art available for all to see! I love the contrast of the two cats so close to each other. Great photos and thank you for sharing.

  4. Wow …the final outcome wasn’t where the first few images took me. Seemingly unrelated thoughts fits so well together. Love the creativity of using the shape of the wall.

    1. It’s a happy, lucky and fun piece. It makes more sense to view it in actuality, as it’s at the entrance to Chinatown. It’s only a few blocks from the Christ statue mural.
      Oh, the shape of the wall is not the real shape. It’s the Pano setting on my !Phone camera. It’s the only way to capture really wide images, and there is that arcing distortion. I don’t have a wide angle lens.

  5. AMAZING!!!! SPECTACULAR!!!! Oh, Resa, you are doing such important work! Thank you!! FYI … I found a calcium supplement (organic) made from ALL vegetables, NO synthesized calcium at all. I could not get enough calcium in my diet and I was having horrible symptoms because of it. I feel SO much better now. The difference is from night to day. I applaud you for getting your calcium through food alone. I could not do it. Much LOVE to you this day!! 🌹

    1. It’s a fun hobby, really. I get plenty of walking exercise. Although, it does seem to be getting a collector’s quality about the blog.
      I like this calcium supplement you found. Please send me the name. It sounds perfect for when I’m working and can’t take care, or traveling! YAY! Hugs and love! 💗🌹💗

      1. The name is Garden of Life Mykind Organics, Organic Plant Calcium. I even got my sister’s stamp of approval who is extremely choosy in what goes into her body. I really did my homework, Resa! You will not be disappointed! 💝😁

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