Christ the Redeemer

Lucky shot! The rays & light arc are due to the sun coming up from behind the building.

This piece of street art is based on the Mount Corcovado, Brazil, statue of Christ the Redeemer.

   Built in the 1920s by Heitor da Silva Costa, it is an  art-deco statue designed by Paul Landowski.

Considered a symbol of Rio de Janeiro, Christ the Redeemer is the 5th biggest statue of Jesus in the world.

This was truly a challenge to capture. The dead end alley is very narrow, and filled with a host of debris and machinery. I shot from below.

I zoomed in.

I shot from across the street, which is why there are wires in the shot below..

I stood on a 2 foot high pile of collapsed, waxed cardboard boxes.

When I stumbled out of the alley, a car had parked in the entrance. Yay, reflections!

Christ the Redeemer was vandalized in 2010 by a house painter. He had tagged his head and right arm with graffiti.

Pics taken by Resa – April 22, 2018

Toronto, Canada

Artists: This painting is part of a project of 7 wonders of the world. Mike Kennedy became project coordinator. Many  artists, including students  were involved.

Mike Kennedy passed away recently. A memorial wall was painted by many of the artists he worked with. I will post that in the near future.

This statue became one of the Seven New Wonders of the World on July 7, 2007.

42 thoughts on “Christ the Redeemer

  1. Impresssive…. I was in Rio…. but didn´t visit it as it was extremely foggy.
    ((I am going to Brazil not this Friday but the following one… Such a coincidence that you posted it… I´ll be in Northern Brazil, though… so: far away from Rio. ))
    Excellent mural, dear Re!. Sending love ❤ 🙂

    1. Sometimes,I just feel gritty about it all! If I walk to the moon, I’m going to capture everything I can, the best I can, before I leave! It could be a year until I’m near there again.

  2. Beautiful images, Resa. The statue is so iconic of Rio. I loved the information regarding the ‘new wonders of the world’. I followed the link: Wow; there are some incredible statues worldwide!
    Back to this artwork; I love the blue sky, and the sun shone its rays at just the right moment.. 🙂
    Oh, and luv the reflection.. 🙂

    1. Ahhh, reflections! Well, you know how I feel about reflections! I got unusually busy, but the Queen Conch is still mine, I hope? LOL
      It was an interesting piece to post, as there is a lot of information on it. So happy you like it, dear Carolyn! 😀 xoxoxo

    1. You think you feel vertigo? Well, you probably do, as I could barely look at it from the street without getting dizzy. The height of my dizziness came when I stood on a 3 foot high pile of collapsed waxed cardboard boxes. As I looked up at the Christ, the boxes compacted to 2 feet. It was definitely a vertigo moment, but no piece of alley art shall defeat me. So there! xx

    1. Yes, the perspective is very interesting. How wonderful that you actually got to see this, one of the “Seven Wonders of the World”. Well, when/if you come to Toronto, I will show you one of the “Seven Alleys Of The World”! xx

  3. A fitting tribute to the artist. Well done. Meanwhile, I like this one. First of all, powerful and well done. Secondly, it’s location is a surprise – a visual contradiction for me.

  4. This is fabulous Resa! The mural itself is amazing — but so are your photos. I like the way you walk us through each picture in detail. Of course, as others have pointed out, the reflection in the car window takes this set of pictures to another level. This is one of my favorites.

  5. Resa, the mural moved my heart and spirit this morning bringing smiles alive! You capture the deepness of each mural you take. One can see the lovely spirit within you through what you share. God bless you, my dear sister!

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