Green Owl Garage

This owl was found on the side of a garage. I immediately thought of  Timothy Price from Off Center Not Even.

I know his owls are different, but Tim is the only one I know with owls living on his property.

Someone hewed down the dead tree where the owls made their home.

Tim made another nest, in the same area, with many attributes of the old nest.

He went toa lot of effort. Will the owls find the new nest?

I sure hope so! Thank you, Tim!

Pics taken by Resa – October 1, 2022

Toronto, Canada

The Artist(s) – unsure

93 thoughts on “Green Owl Garage

  1. Timothy Price

    That’s a great find. The green Barn Owl is beautiful. Our owls are Great Horned Owls, but we do have Barn Owls in Corrales. I never see them, unfortunately. Let’s hope Daddy Owl chooses the new nest I made for them. Thanks for this wonderful post, Resa.

  2. Another great find and post. I am lucky the tower block I live in is situated on the outskirts of town and there is a lot of green space land and woodland surrounding it. This space also includes an area set aside as a nature reserve and there are Barn Owls living there which fly past and around my home regularly – awesome (and silent in flight) creatures! Thanks for the share.

  3. I love the owl, the scribbly stuff next to it not so much. (Does that make me a Philistine? 😉 ) I did enjoy Tim’s wowl posts. I hope the two parents raise another set of fledglings this year.

    1. It’s like building poetry.
      He sent me pics in mail…the nest possible…. is a wooden bucket kinda thing…. mimicking the hole in the dead tree where the nest was every year until some people chopped it down…. needlessly. They could have waited some more years.
      Don’t Let Me Down”…the band is playing.
      I drew 2 pcs…1 is a Boogapony.
      Going back to draw!

      1. I can’t imagine anyone being so thoughtless as to cut down a tree that is the home to a family of owls. Timothy has a very real sense of empathy for living things ( including trees) he’s a thoughtful and caring human being. 🕊
        I haven’t seen Boogapony in a while . Be well sweet Meece. xoxoxo

        1. Agree!
          Tim lives in a perfect place for his love. It’s a lot of work, for him and a bonus for us!
          Did do a Boogapony last night! Will send it tomorrow. There’s going to be sun so, I can take a decent pic!

          1. Tim lives in such a beautiful place thats keeps him super busy yet he still takes time to share it all with us. The Owl family has been heartwarming to follow, the gorgeous trees. Love them all and Timothy is so appreciated!
            So excited about Boogapony xoxoxo

            1. Maybe another one will come out of me tonight!!!!
              There was music last night.
              We all miss Sasha. Dr. says he might be able to start driving in a couple of weeks. These heart ops take a long time to heal! xoxoxo

  4. Another great find, Resa! Owls are special. Yay for Tim!
    I know we have or have had owls in the area, but I’ve only seen one once–but it was on my birthday years ago. Then a few years ago, when we got home late at night after being at the ER with my mom, and owl was in one of our trees hooting and hooting for a long time.

    1. Tim’s a good guy!
      I’d love to see an owl in real life, in its natural habitat. I can’t do zoos. They upset me.
      Hmm, I wonder what the hooting and hooting owl was saying? Maybe something to you. Animals are in tune in ways we never will be.

  5. Impressive art using the colour green. There is a wooded area opposite me home to owls and foxes, but last year the town sold half of it to apartment block developers and chopped more than fifty adult trees plus countless shrubs 😥 I still see the owls but haven’t spotted a fox since.
    Thanks for the share, Resa, cool pics 😎

    1. You are welcome, Ford!
      I see a lot of progress as regress, in a way. The planet is over crowded and there is a lot of greed from money that wants more money. Poor foxes and owls! xoxo

  6. What a beautiful find!
    And I didn’t know Tim’s owls lost their home! How tragic! (I must have missed that post as I’ve been willy-nilly in my catching up…)

    1. You’re willy nilly and I’m higgledy piggledy.
      Actually, Tim sent me a mail with pics of the nest hen he was building it. I think he was upset about the tree being cut down. ⚡️💥

  7. Such a pretty owl, Resa. I love those colors. And a sweet story about Tim’s care for “his” owls and his owl nest. I hope they discover it and move in. I live in an owl forest, and we have a nesting pair who stays close to our home. They call to each other and sing to us almost every day. They’re beautiful.

    1. I’ve never seen an owl in real life. Tim brings a lot of nature to us city folk with his photos.
      I sure hope the owls find the nest.
      How wonderful to have owls!
      We have pigeons. They’re adorable.

        1. So, you might very well be a witch?
          The pigeons are probably happier where you live. I always though mourning doves are pigeons, cousins anyway.
          Most people are mean to them in the city.
          Some of the pigeons have beautiful markings, and they coo!

  8. Hi Resa, I am astonished by the amount of street art you find in your city. I have been looking out for street art and have found several great pieces but I haven’t had an opportunity to photograph them yet. Good things come to those who are patient so I will wait for the right time.

  9. Awww love these owls Resa and your shout out to Tim and his amazing owls of course… our owl keeper, lucky us and you with your murals to share and bring them to life. I was in New York a couple of weeks ago and took some pics of the murals and thought of you. Actually, now when I see any murals I think of you! ❣️

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