Colour on a Dismal Day

Today was bleak grey with snow and more grey in between.

Huffers #1

I need colour. Turns out Joe Huffers is a paint store.

Huffers #2

I always love the close-up and ins of these type pieces.

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Pics taken by Resa, March 30 – 2014

Toronto, Canada

The Artists - 2010
The Artists – 2010

19 thoughts on “Colour on a Dismal Day

  1. Was it really a grey, snow, grey day ? Personally I reckon it was a snow, grey, snow day looking at the weather forecast, but you could be right with grey, snow, grey. I could never argue with a woman…….and win ! xoxox ❤ #< #<

  2. Thank you for bringing so much light and colorful inspiration into this dismal days. I love the powerful strokes. This graffito ist full of energy.
    Thank you for sharing this great images, dear Resa.
    Wish you a happy weekend 🙂
    XOXO Julia ❤

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