I was looking for a specific face in an network of alleys off Dundas West.

I searched for over 2 hours, about 8 miles. I’ve still about 1o miles of alley to cover. I’ve got to find the face!

In the meantime, here’s an angel.

The snow and mud semi-ruined my new white Rebox sneakers. Uch.

All in all, a lovely find.

Pics taken by Resa – February 10, 2020

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

If you can read the writing, that’s the artist!

46 thoughts on “Raphael?

  1. Timothy Price

    That is a really interesting mural. I can’t make out the word. Sorry you ruined your new sneakers, sneaking around looking for a face.

    1. Lol! Well, sacrifice for art. However, I’ve absolutely got to find that face!
      Working on a new PBH story. Tangle – Heart tree is an easy in part.
      Resa’s tree is a bit more difficult. However, I’ll figure it out, even though the story takes place in Paris. So excited!

    1. TY, Holly! It was a good find. OMG… I want you to see the face I was looking for!
      Hope I can get out tomorrow. It’s supposed to be only 1 below freezing. I’ll just go to 1 mural.
      I’ll go check the weather now.
      Love! xo

  2. You are a mural whisperer. Angels have always been a source of inspiration because they unite us with the mystical. I’m in an art history course and have encountered many angels in the hours I have spent in class. It seems that artists have a very close relationship to them. This gives me great comfort.

    1. AH! A mural whisperer sounds a fine voice, for me.
      Art history course? That sounds wonderful, Rebecca.
      You must be in a heaven of sorts with all those angels and all else.
      Angel on!

    1. If my reflection was as beautiful as any of the images of Pre-Raphaelite I just saw on Google,
      I’d have to turn into a painting.
      Actually, in an upcoming PBH tale I’m drawing, something like that does happen.
      You are a reflection!

    1. Yes, getting something from the art is what matters!
      I really like graf writing, but it’s like reading a secret. Sometimes I can read it, but that is because I have gotten to know to certain artists’ style.
      Thanks about the rock thing… LOL

    1. Yes it is! ⚡️💥That’s why we just have to get out there and look. Even if we don’t find what we are searching for, there is something to be found.

    1. Dear TOF,
      MY SNEAKERS!!!! Oh well!
      I had to get in there… it was the only above freezing day for a few weeks, and although it’s about +3C right now, there’s a hefty wind, so it feels like -4C.
      Hmm, maybe I’ll stick my head out the window, and check.
      The next time it will be above freezing will be Tuesday, with a mix of rain and snow.
      I feel so cooped up.
      Hey, I like the way you did the chapters, in segments. It’s great for reading, and leaving off. As something is completed, there is a breather and then onto the next.
      This way, when I dog ear the page, I know exactly where I left off, I remember what I learned, and where I am picking up.
      I hope that makes sense?

      1. ‘The next time it will be above freezing will be Tuesday’ sounds like one of those Country & Western songs drunk people in pubs sing ‘of a Satdee night’. Absolutely love it. Canada seems colder than Blighty, yet we’ve had day after day after day of rain. ‘Tis fairly doing my head in. I only wear…foot wise that is…those lightweight Sketchers shoes. My stock of such shoes have tide mark stains born of deep puddles, their panache…such as it was…gone forever. I do hope your temps rise in order that you can access the art your followers desire. Also, am most impressed with your take on The Blue-Eyed Cat. My thanks, TOF

        1. So, it’s dark and wet where you are. It’s dark & cold where I am. (another country and western song)
          Hey, I saw some reports on TV about a typhoon & floods in the UK.
          Are you in that crazy weather?
          Take care!
          Now, as I am reading the book out loud to someone, I am at their availability to listen. It will take a bit longer than normal.
          I am enjoying it!!!!
          Has Ms. Shey read it, or any of your other books?

          1. The lovely Shey has a copy. I’m not sure if she’s read it yet. She’s still talking to me so I’m assuming she hasn’t…I jest…hopefully! Usually, here in the south east we get the odd winter easterly wind bringing with it snow from Mother Russia, yet not this year. The Gulf Stream all the way from America across The Atlantic is constantly bringing with it fierce winds and buckets of rain. We live atop a hill so no flooding. Nevertheless, this has been a tedious, stay indoors for the main part, winter. I loathe it. I gave myself 12 months to write a new book. The weather has been that bad I’ve already written 50,000+ words. ‘The Snow White Tigress’ is alive and well at least. I’ve rather taken to her. She’s a WW2 spy for the good guys and assassinates evil fat men when the fancy takes. ‘Tis a great pleasure you’re liking ‘The Blue-Eyed Cat’. Time for coffee at The Russians and another soaking coat and shoes day. Regards, TOF

            1. TOF!
              Laughed out loud about your comment re: Shey still talking to you, so she probably hasn’t read the book.
              MY sneakers survived today, but a van soaked me through my tights. It was +4C, but the relentless wind made it feel like -4C.
              My hands were numb, because I found art, and had to take my gloves off to take the shots.
              Okay, I’m in Constantinople, on my way to Berlin!

              1. First we take Constantinople then we take Berlin. Not quite how Leonard Cohen penned it. ‘I found art’…that makes it all worthwhile. I shall keep an eye out for the WP post I hope follows. Regards, TOF

  3. In the spiritual mirror of heaven,
    we are a reflection of perfection.
    It’s all in the eye of the beholder.
    My cup is ever full, and overflowing,
    despite this world’s thinking 👁️‍🗨️🌎

  4. My impression of this one is she is half angel and half statue. Not sure if that makes any sense. The jawlines and other fine lines gave her a not human quality, as if she not only descended from the Gods, but perhaps, she is a god herself. More than the usual flesh and flaws of humans.

    1. Now… this is a very intellectual comment by one artist of another. I just love it.
      Apologies for taking so long to reply, Lonely.
      Between the presentation that took me 10 days to do, and my latest PBH post on Art Gowns… I’ve been getting more and more behind.
      BIG smile… I’m waiting for you to see my new post over here. Yes, I was a lot younger, but the art is hot!
      Hope you are having the best time!
      xoxoxoxoxo 💋🌹

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