Best Monsters, Ever!

I wouldn’t light a cigarette around this guy!

He just might extinguish you with some kind of fire breath.

He’s totally into the trash! Very tasty.

His pal lives around the corner.

He has bad breath.

It is a phenomenal piece.


Pics taken by Resa – April 26, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

Close in bits

80 thoughts on “Best Monsters, Ever!

  1. This is quite amazing, Resa…. On the one hand it is understated; grey upon grey. Yet, on the other, it’s vibrant with movement and artistically extraordinary. Cool…
    xoxoxo 😎

    1. Agree! Iwas thrilled to find it. It was in a very unlikely alley. I thought, I wonder if there’s anything down this lane. Sure enough!!!! xoxoxo πŸ˜€

    1. It was thrilling to find it! I never know what I’ll find when when I turn a corner into an alley. Sometimes it’s just trash & garbage. Sometimes it’s a masterpiece!
      Next Saturday is Free Comics Day at the comic book store up the street. Think I’ll check it out! xx

    1. Ahh, a timely mural. Lol! Only G of T would have adults believe their world has fire breathing dragons. Many will miss the show after this last season. Have a blast! xx

  2. I love this graffiti art Resa. I love Dragons and this one is tops! I really like the way the artist has coordinated the colors to the wall and to the signature. Usually I would think I would like brighter but this is really perfect…putting by the trash can is priceless. I like the new slug, Resa, It’s perfect. ❀

    1. Yeah… at first I thought …Oh, what’s this? Then as I took it in I thought, WoW this is awesome.
      It took me a few moments to see the monsters. At first it was just wavy lines, albeit pleasant ones.
      Somehow I think of that Sesame Street character who lived in the garbage can. Wasn’t he a monster?
      Sending art, love, poems and stars! ❀

                    1. You are definitely having a good time!
                      Where’s MY WINE???

  3. We can’t blame him for his bad breath, even though I can smell it from here, just consider what dragons have to eat.
    Free the dragons!
    Give them dine out coupons!
    You rock Resa.

    1. True, I wouldn’t want to live on a dragon’s diet! Perhaps the dragons should consider vegetarianism? Roasted veggies are delicious!

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