Butterfly Pink & Blue

Here’s another instalment from the butterfly project in a lane along a kids’ park,

that was organized by Nick Sweetman for the  David Suzuki Butterfly Project

Pics taken by Resa – March 24, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artists:


42 thoughts on “Butterfly Pink & Blue

  1. Bold and bright and beautiful. Fantastic art. I really like seeing the caterpillar in its stage of metamorphosis too. Often the butterfly is the star, when in fact the other stages are equally as astounding. Great photos, too, Resa.

    1. Thanks, Jet! Yes, I agree, it was great to see an artist include a caterpillar. I love the way the pink butterfly comes from a pink caterpillar. 😀

  2. Gorgeous. A breath of fresh air for me this morning.
    The butterfly over the tulips is just perfect.
    Hope you’re well, I’ve been away so I think I have missed some posts. I’ll catch up ASAP!

      1. So do I, but black clouds are forming over Graz this afternoon. So who is shaking a butterfly’s wing ? Yes, amazing, she does have blue eyes, doesn’t she ? Have a lovely weekend my friend 🙂 ❤ xoxoxo

  3. The artist recognized there are transitions in the story of butterflies – that each stage had meaning and gave strength for the next iteration. There is a marvelous analogy that comes through with the vibrant colour, dramatic visual attention. Joy, hope and movement come together to validate life in all forms.

    1. Agree! In this particular case of presented art, joy and hope are butterflies, and of course their former butterfly selves, the caterpillar!
      😀 Time to see if there is anything new in your world!

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