Best Monsters, Ever!

I wouldn’t light a cigarette around this guy!

He just might extinguish you with some kind of fire breath.

He’s totally into the trash! Very tasty.

His pal lives around the corner.

He has bad breath.

It is a phenomenal piece.


Pics taken by Resa – April 26, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artist:

Close in bits

Fright Night w/Fiona

The Graf Photography of Fiona Milne is a great find!

Fionna #26
Photo © Fiona Milne

Tonight is about monsters…. scary ones! Very scary!

Fionna #22
Photo © Fiona Milne

Fiona has her own graffiti blog FIONA FERRET GRAFFITI – THE WRITING ON THE WALL You’ll want to follow!

Fionna #23
Photo © Fiona Milne

Her shots are taken in and around Sheffield, England.

Fionna #5
Photo © Fiona Milne

I only hope you can sleep tonight!

Fionna #15
Photo © Fiona Milne

She’s not scary, but sometimes street art is.

Fionna #7
Photo © Fiona Milne

I have put links to 6 of her posts at the end of this post.

 Pics taken by Fiona Milne – 2012 – 2014


Brickworks/Graffit Works

Sand, Sea and Spray

The Future’s So Bright I Gotta WearShades

Whistle Stop

April Splashes

Living It Up In Leicester

Photo © Fiona Milne
Photo © Fiona Milne